Exhaust Clip Mega Thread

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  1. My clips are almost all with an X, but i do have some that are all Mac with a Pro Chamber and the Flowpaths. Otherwise they're labeled as such:

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    Magnaflows without tail pipes:
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    Forza Flow 3'' (same as Flowmaster 2 chamber 3'')
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    Mac Pro Chamber with Flowpath mufflers:
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    Mac setup, dumped:
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    Custom 1 chamber Flowmasters (2 chambers with the rear chamber cut off and welded back up) with 3'' tail pipes:
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    Dynomax Race Bullets dumped:
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    Here's what a 11.5:1 compression, 400+hp 347 sounds like with Mac full lengths, an X pipe and a Mac cat-back (my buddy's car):
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    Unfortunately i didn't start doing the driving style clips until i got the Magnaflows, but they're better than nothing i guess. In my opinion, two things i'll never spend money on again are the Mac Pro Chamber (i'll never run anything but an X) and Race Bullets. Even an X couldn't make the Bullets sound good.

  2. wow dude you change exhaust setups like some people change their underwear

    (a few times a year :nice:)
  3. That's over about a 3 year period but at one time i think i did have 3 sets in the span of a month.

    Why not? It's the single easiest way to make your car like new again, aside from a new set of wheels, but exhaust is cheaper. Once you get a good X pipe and a good set of tail pipes, if you get a set that are slip on style, you can swap out mufflers in about a half hour and you don't have to spend the money on a full cat-back to get the change, you just buy new mufflers and go (usually less than $150).
  4. This was my 85 GT just sold it...It was all Mac...Mac long tubes...Mac off Roag H-pipe and mac cat back...

    YouTube - 85 mustang GT
  5. YouTube - Mustang On Chassis Dyno

    Bassani stepped headers, 3" X-pipe, and spintech pro streets... this exhaust was live-able with my 302/novi2000 combo but now it is a tad on the obnoxious side with the new motor. and when i say a tad, i mean way to freaking loud. i love the tone the car has now, but im switching to 3'' magnaflow's
  6. how do you post a video link on here from my computer? Do I have to load it up to some site or something?
  7. Borla Pro XS Series Mufflers

    Heres a video of mine, its not the greatest I had no traction till 3rd gear!

    I have shorty headers and a offroad x-pipe and borla pro xs mufflers

    YouTube - 1989 Mustang 5.0L
  8. Exhaust video; FRPP 1 5/8" headers, pypes 2.5" catted x-pipe, and flowmaster american thunder catback (super 44's)
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  9. 1. UPR cat'ed X-pipe (GARBAGE) with Pypes Violator mufflers and Dynomax 2.5" tails;
    2. Jeg's off-road X-pipe with Dynomax Super Turbo #17676 mufflers and side-exits AND a really bad leak at the header flange (oops);
    3. Same as #2, minus the header flange leak. :D

    UPR cat'ed X + Violators/Jeg's O/R X + Dynomaxes Video by That Dave Guy - MySpace Video

    FWIW, the side-exit combo sounds good with an off-road H-pipe or stock H-pipe, but for some reason with an off-road X-pipe it sounds like poop. Also should have gone with straight-out exits instead of trying to use elbows to sweep them backward, as it wound up looking kinda stupid. Ultimately, I went back to the Violators and Dynomax tails with the Jeg's X-pipe and I'm overall pretty happy with it - much louder, more raspy, but still no drone. :nice: