Exhaust fumes

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  1. I am new to mustang's so bear with me, but When I get out of the car to run into the house, or when I'm warming it up, the exhaust fumes are really horrible, like I'm driving an old truck, but none of the smells get into the car so I havent worried, but is the strong smell normal for a car without cats? The other thing I thought may cause it, the tune for my car is for 93 octane gas, but no gas stations here sell 93 so I have been using 91 could this mess anything up?
  2. I don't have cats on my stang either and I notice the smell a lot more than I do from my truck (which has cats.... for now:D). As for the tune, I'm not too sure, I'm sure someone with more knowledge than I will chime in soon...

    Just my $.02
  3. The smell would be from no cats on the car. The tune depends on how much the car is tuned. If you are pulling as much timing and such from it then yes it will make a difference but if its a more out of the box ie a bama tune then you will be ok.
  4. It's tuned with an SCT so I could change it if was hurting anything, the smell doesn't really bother me, I just wanted to make sure it wouldnt be a problem.
  5. I hate getting stuck behind a cat-less honda/acura etc, but I would think most cars without cats smell bad. Not sure about the gas/tune question.
  6. do you hear pinging at WOT? kinda like a bunch of marbles shaking around in a coffee can?
  7. Like everyone has said above- Most likely the smell is from your no cats and those 93 octane tunes tend to run on the rich side.

    This may be a little overkill but if you want to see if everything is working fine I would check for exhaust leaks / have someone at an exhaust shop check them and fix any leaks. You could consider a dyno tune to check that your a/f are appropriate for your car.
  8. :stupid: That smell makes me wanna:nutkick:and then:puke:
  9. Neither of my Mustangs have had cats and they both smelled horrible outside the car. I kind of like it though :)
  10. There's no ping that I can here, so I assume it's alright.

    Now onto the tune, I have 4:10's, cold air intake and longtube Headers, is a tune for 93 octane overkill?