Exhaust gains for a V6

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  1. Looking around the web i've found a lot of different exhausts for my mustang however none of them really knock my socks off and i have also read that a exhaust system for a v6 doesnt really do anything for the car itself...if i had to describe what i wanted from an exhaust it would be an aggressive sound and some power gain while helping MPG any ideas? That being said i see the general consensus is to just get a CAI (which i am probably an AirRaid) and a tune....but since this is my first mustang im open to suggestions.
  2. Do all three to get a noticeable change in all three areas. I got better sound, more power, and about .5-1mpg better efficiency. They all work best together, not separate.

    Keep in mind that we're driving V6's, and though it may sound more aggressive, it may not necessarily sound awesome.
  3. exhaust brands

    which brands do you recommend and with a V6 does it make a difference between cat back and axel back?
  4. I like K&N but there are several good brands out there. Same goes with tuners and exhaust.

    I think the only difference between a cat back and axle back would be the price, since it would be a dual exhaust kit versus a pair of mufflers. I went with GT takeoffs, which are axle backs, and had a muffler shop add an x pipe i bought and run the second exhaust down the left side. $200 for the labor, $20 for the x pipe, and about $40 for the GT axle backs.
  5. Since it appears you have a 2012 v6, keep in mind you already have what ford calls a CAI and dual exhaust, so you may not get as much out of it as us with the older V6's do. Maybe just not as noticeable.

    I would definitely go with axle backs though if i had a 2012 v6. Depending on how good the ford CAI intake looked, i might consider an aftermarket CAI and retune too.
  6. Wow that's loud! lol
  7. You best bet is to always do a full exhaust system, including headers. With full dual you'll get a small incease in sound and hp, while headers and CIA will also give you more impressive sound and a boost in hp. I personally like JLT CIA, get good gains on hp. though it can be expensive, nothing hurts to take your time adding. Me personally I feel more proud adding piece by piece