Exhaust Hangers

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mavrick, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Previous owner had an offroad h-pipe on the car, with mufflers and tail pipes. Before i bought the car, he replaced everything with stock exhaust, and cherry bombs, and no tail pipes.

    I see no hangers for the H-pipe, but thats no big deal.. everyone seems to live without em. I have the hangers and rubber pieces for the tail pipes, they are fine. I need to know what im missing from the muffler hangers.. right now i have the metal bracket that bolts to the frame, and the rubber piece.

    There is one other piece that hangs the muffler to the rubber piece, correct? Where can i get two of those... dealer?
  2. Usually those peices are welded on the mufflers or bolted to them. You may have to weld if your muffler don't have the bolt holes for them
  3. I havn't seen an exaust system in quite a while. But from what I remember when I had Flowmasters on mine there was a long rectangular metal piece with like 1X10 bolt holes going allong its length so you could cut the piece for a custom fit then secure one end to the hanger and the other to the pipe. I forget how it secured to the pipe though.

    I also believe some pipes, maybe most, have a metal piece welded on the top which slides into the rubber hanger.

    I don't know if your car is show-room or a beater, but I love rigging things up. I'd just put a worm drive hose clamp around the pipe and two more connected to that one, or maybe a coat-hanger through the hose clamp, or any other sort of thing, then just secure that to the rubber hanger.

    That's all I can think of. I'd provide pictures but I can't seem to post any without getting error messages.

    Hopefully you'll receive a bit more knowledgable advise...
  4. The h-pipe only mounts to the trans crossmember. There are no other supports for it. As for the mufflers and t-pipes, you should be able to get what you need from the dealer or your local parts store.
  5. Cabige, your right about the muffler hanger. Thats the piece im talking about, i remember it from my old car. Has a square piece, with a few holes in it so you could mount your muffler just right. Those are the pieces i need...

    Car is definetly not a show car, so i might just rig something up when i get some flows.

    Thanks for the replies.