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  1. so i went to a local meineke to get an estimate for exhaust which they said it would be 450 for it all plus how ever much it costs me to get my magnaflow x pipe. i was wondering is this a fair price? also, where could i buy a magnaflow pipe online, and if yall cut ur rear bumpers, how much was that. in case yall are wondering im getting msps type exhaust ( flowmaster 40s n magnaflow xpipe). also anything else i should know before getting this done?
  2. :eek: - hell no!!

    eBay ...

    you might want to consider Ford GT take-offs / they are screaming bargin (in my opinion)

    good luck~

  3. That price is a rip off. Flowmasters top the heck out of the Take-offs (sorry but its true) and the cutout.. I think I was the first to do it back in feb... BOXCUTTER!
  4. whats a good price then so i know what im goin into next time i visit the shop, what did yall pay. yea im a little skiddish about doing it myself i think i might have to shoot myself in the face if i mess up
  5. >>> absolutey true, but at 4 X the price ...
  6. Takeoffs are running what, 60 on ebay? I paid like 160 for my Flows.
  7. Hey Rich, sorry I missed the post.. But are you saying they want 1G to do the job?

    Also, didnt we discuss staying away from Meineke? You couldn find another shop?

    Also, lets step back from this and understand your situation.. What shops do you have that can complete the work in your area?

    Sorry your having such a hard time..
  8. i must have missed the whole staying away from meineke thing. why is that? im not sure what other shops there are in my area, and im not really sure how to find out other than looking in the phone book. and im wanting flowmasters not magnaflows. They said the total cost would be 450 and i supply them with the xpipe because they dont carry it
  9. yea so i looked at the weld on magnaflow xpipe on partsshopper.com and that is like 300 bucks, what happened to 70-90 bucks?
  10. also, my dealer wanted 230 for a gt bumper and 250 for paint, thats a tad bit pricey, wonder if the dealer will cut it for me. and i saw the x pipe on ebay just now for 75 so
  11. and which width pipe/x pipe should i use, yea sorry about posting so much at once, im just a little excited about it all i guess
  12. more advice (take it or leave it) = $.02 worth

    find a local independent shop and have them just fab an 'H' pipe and install a standard GT over axle tailpipe set up ..... let them know that your on a budget.

    that should make it much more affordable.

    best of luck ~
  13. I paid 500 plus tax for everything you have described .. including cutting the bumper .. (he didn't charge me for that) .. He built the H pipe ( I know you want the X deal) but even if he fabricated an X pipe the cost wouldn't have been over 600 ..

    and thats in NY ... so prices on everything are higher then most places

    to give you an idea..
  14. alrighty thanks a bunch. just one final question before i take it in... whats yalls problem with meineke?
  15. msp, i just got off the phone with chris from blow by racing, as i was planning on testing their side exhaust on my car, however as the side skirts are around $600 alone, i decided not to. i told him what i was planning to do, he said hed heard a v6 with flowmasters, and he said he thought the problem with that is that it didnt have enough backpressure. he thought that running 2.25" pipe instead of 2.5" pipe would add some backpressure, which would add torque, power, and stop the popping, and make it sound a lot meaner. he was saying that with dual 2.25 you would still flow better, but he thought the v6 wasnt making enough air to really fill out the exhaust system, he said if I was planning on putting the procharger on (which they are working on by the way) 2.5 would be fine, but he felt that for stock and even a CAI n tune, 2.25 would create a more ideal amount of backpressure for the 4.0 engine. what do you think?

  16. It makes alot of sense.. You could try it out, and use a G tech meter, or get it dyno'd to see if you have better gains than me.. I am still stock without a tune, so we would be able to tell easily based on the numbers.. I actually like the plan, and suggest you try it.. :nice:

    Where you need to feel for is about 4500 to 6000 rpm.. Thats the sweet spot, and if the exhaust flow is not as good, you will feel the car strain around this area.. Keep in mind, most of the cars power is up in this area, so if you mis-calculate, I'll walk off on you.. :D

    So instead of the race going like this..

    (You lookin at me while we are racing)......vroom...vroom.. Damn those are nice Mach1 SVT's....<----Looking at my back wheel..... Nice tail light!

    It would go like this

    (You lookin at me while we race)....Vroom...vroom.. Damn thats a nice.. Wait MSP, lets start from a roll!!

    LOL!! :D
  17. im gonna go for the 2.25 setup. i went to a local bodyshope today to see how much it would cost to get the hole cut, and they wanted 50 bucks. i told him it was insane then a long story short he slammed me into a car. sooooo im definetely going to another body shop, since meineke said they dont have the tools to cut the bumper for me

  18. You know, I actually think the 2.25 idea is seriously plausable.. Infact, I think It might straighten out the torque curve abit as the rpm's scale up.. Try it out..
  19. One thing though.. I cant promise you anything on the sound of the car with 2.25's.. I can oly promise you on the 2.5.. I dont think it will matter though as long as the xpipe is there. But who knows..

    You know its a good idea that we all try different things though.. Thats the only way we can find out what works best..

    For example, if you tell me you dynod close to 195rwhp, and had a sound clip to back it up, then I would change mine to 2.25 as well.. So its a good idea to do it! Its greatly appreciated! :nice:

    Also, my rwtq was at 217.. So if yours is at 220-225, then its better..