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  1. alrighty, ill be sure and do it. i cant imagine the smaller pipe making it sound more ricey. its causing more force to be pushed through the mufflers, causing more sound, less tinnish type sound

  2. I agree.. But keep in mind, that I use a magnaflow, and others use a Bassani.. Their tone is not as deep as mine(Echo7)..

    So you gotta ask yourself, perhaps echo used a 2.25? Or why would there be such a huge difference in tone between the 2 designs if they are both 2.5..??

    Go back to the original exhaust thread, and listen to echo7's car.. He has a Bassani Xpipe.. Then listen to mine..

    Echo7's Bassani Xpipe! 2.25" or 2.5" not sure..


    MSP's Magnaflow 2.5"

  3. hmm maybe I should wait on the 2.5 untill I hear results from his 2.25... let us know about it man.. good luck
  4. for some reason i think his is 2.5 but i could be wrong. im ordering the x pipe this week then doing exhaust next week hopefully
  5. Yes Bigred, he did bring up an excellent point in regards to pipe size..

    Hey Rich, are you going to run the 2.25 all the way to the back?
  6. if im thinking right, a 2.25" xpipe would work, n then from there back to the mufflers 2.25" pipe
  7. Would you need the 2.25 all the way? Maybe I'm just hallucinating, but wouldn't one point in the pipe (say from the x-pipe to the mufflers) being the smaller pipe size give the same effect as the entire system being 2.25?
  8. but i would need a 2.25" x pipe for it to weld in correctly wouldnt i?