Exhaust Ideas

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  1. My next mod is definitely going to be full exhaust. Looking for some input. I'm obviously looking for a performance upgrade. I'm looking for a throaty sound, not much drone, and loud but not loud enough to attract any unwanted legal attention. I'm going to stay with cats. Not sure about headers. On one hand I want the performance, but I really like the entirely stock look under my hood. I guess if I could be convinced the performance gain would be worth it I might. Looking for some good ideas. Don't want to be cheap, something middle of the road probably. Thanks
  2. Unfortunately, there are endless possibilities for exhaust setups. I suspect most recommendations you'll receive will direct you to spend time on YouTube listening to different setups. It will help, and should direct you at least towards the right direction.

    For me, I run Dynomax SuperTurbos, 2.5" tailpipes, 2.5" O/R h-pipe and BBK shorty headers. With the cats gone it's a tad louder than I would like, but not obnoxious. I'm also getting old (feels like it at least) and don't like to be heard from a mile away.
  3. I'd recommend Pypes Exhaust for everything but the actual mufflers, I had a set of Pypes mufflers and they made the car sound a tad ratty to me. I have been very happy with the Pypes x pipe I run, plus it is priced pretty well.
  4. If you can give up some ground clearance, long tubes make a significant difference, and midrange price, BBK's fit and work well. They do force a shorter cat pipe, which if you already have one, you may not want to go to the extra expense.
  5. Get some crappy shortie headers and when they rust they'll look like stock headers. If you keep the cats its going to keep the car quieter regardless of the mufflers but I think that's what you want to go for so that's a good idea. For mufflers I would just youtube different brands and find a tone you like.
  6. Most have been suggesting the Magnaflow stainless cat back system. I listened to it on their website and I like it. Just a little pricey for me. The Flowmaster American Thunder cat back system is a little more reasonably priced but I can't seem to find anywhere on their site to listen to it. Youtube had a couple samples but none with stock H pipe and cats. Any suggestions or experience with either of these systems?
  7. Im a big fan of the magnaflow system we put on our 01 and if I was going to redo the exhaust on the saleen it would be magnaflow. Talk to the guys that run this place, they sell exhaust parts.
  8. Which guys? Was there a noticeable power difference?
  9. PM MRaburn the head honcho here, they ran a site called planetmagnaflow.com but that goes to pro3i. com.

    Maybe a little power on the 01, but that would be on the catted X pipe, I doubt much of the increase came from the cat back but it sounds great.
  10. How about MAC long tubes, MAC catted shorty H-pipe, and Magnaflow catbacks?
  11. I've got 3" magnaflow cat backs on my 89 (big Kooks headers, 3" H pipe, no cats), and new it sounded fairly mellow (I was shocked how mellow), but now that it's aged a little, maybe 2000 miles, it sounds pretty mean. I love the way it sounds when I'm accelerating. Just cruising it's not too loud, but you certainly hear it coming and going. If you're going to work on the exhaust ot improve power, you should at least add aftermarket cats to your system.
  12. What about an entire Mac exhaust? You could do an H or X-pipe and cat back for the price of the Magnaflow catback. I like the sound of magnaflows but if you are being budget minded they aren't really economical. Just my opinion.
  13. I decided to go with the Magnaflow Performance Stainless 2 1/2" cat back system for now. I may go with the X pipe down the road a bit. No headers, I like the stock look I have and haven't been convinced that they will give me much performance help. I probably won't get much from just the cat backs either but I like the stainless look (and durability) and I love the sound (as long as it sounds similar to the clips on Magnaflow's site). Thanks everyone for your input
  14. If you do go with a X later on and plan on keeping your smog stuff on your car the catted version is nice.