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  1. Hi All,

    As you can see from my sig, I have Magnaflow exhaust system on my car. Here is what I got:


    I have it installed, and the sound is great. Very deep bass/rubmle at the lower RPM's. Dosent sound like and 8, but it sounds pretty close and you can definitely hear the american muscle car heritage in it.

    Now for my questions, and I hope some of you can help. I took it to my mechanic and he put it in. He had to fabricate a cutom hanger for the driver side muffler to make it fit the hole on the left side of my GT bumper. I was under the car after the install and it is very tight. However, I get two types of sounds one in every 4 stop lights when the car is idleing, as follows:

    1. rattling at the rear of the car, sometimes very noisy
    2. popping sound, though this seems rare

    I have read that there is a break in period for mufflers and the more I drive, the less and less I hear the popping sound...i think. But the rattling is very annoying and I can't tell what it is. Getting under the car and looking at the pipes and they are very secure and firm.

    Any ideas on this one? I want to resolve this before I do any other work on it.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. if it has the brakets on the muffler as if it were to fit a gt couldnt you get the for bracket and replace then might fix the rattle
  3. Thanks. I'll look into it. I will have to have them jack it up again and have a look. It is hooked to the ford mouting plate that I bought for the kit. Like I said, I actually yanked on it after the install and it was as stable as the old piping. But any suggestions is welcome at this point and I will look into it.
  4. rattle

    are the muffs close to anything to rattle? I had to put a rubber spacer between the muff and the frame-rail to stop my rattle when i went to a 2.5" exhaust.

    Popping sound?? Can't help you there...

    Notchy Adam
  5. Rubber spacer??? Good idea, it was a tight fit to get the 2nd exhaust in. I will check it out.
  6. Hey, let me know what you come up with. I have the same exhaust on my car, with the same damn rattle. Comes and goes, sometimes if I hit a bump hard enough it'll stop for a while. Sounds like it's coming from the left rear, sounds like a loose piece of metal. Put it up on the jack, but couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Of course, when I had it up there, I couldn't duplicate it.

    So yeah, keep me posted.
  7. Will do and I"m going to post this eslewhere and see what I get. I'm going to actually going to put it up on my ramps in an hour or two and take another crack at it.

    Its frustrating cause like you said, it comes and goes. It sounds so damn good though, then I'm at a stop light and I get the rattle.

  8. Ok, put it back up again and grabbed the axle and shook the car. Finally duplicated the problem. You are right, there is a 2mm gap between the hanger rod and the rubber in the mounting bracket, causing the muffler to rattle and hit.

    I'm gonna try filling the gap with some rubber to see if that will fix it, otherwise I will have a custom hanger rod fabricated at the local shop.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll keep you posted. :nice:
  9. That would make a lot of sense.. I'm going to take it down to the muffler shop again sometime next week and see if it's the same issue.

    Thanks man.
  10. guys (and gal) I need advice and your help

    I'm nearly ready to finish the install on my `05 GT take-off exhaust and when I went to Ford to order the driver's side muffler bracket/mounts they quoted me $50.00 each!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


    two questions:

    1) for those who have done the install is there any good alternitive to the factory muffler mounts?

    2) is there another OEM source (or its equivilent) for these two simple parts?

    TIA ~
  11. Instead of the ford clamps I did this. What I did was took the clamp from the forward most part of the muffler, and put it on the drivers side and placed in the farthest rear position. This way both mufflers are now hanging from 1 clamp each, and in the right position. Then I got the muffler shop to fab up the clamps for the rear of the mufflers to help hold them in place. Plus I ordered the Drivers side exhaust pipe for the GT from my dealer. I then cut out my own rear bumper after makeing a template of the passenger side and transfered it to the drivers side I used a dremal tool to make the cut.
  12. I ordered two brackets from this fellow at like $38.08 each:

    So, even after shipping, it's cheaper than the dealer by a few bucks. Waiting on them to come any day now. He threw in the bolts.

    Got my driver's side pipe from the local Ford dealer yesterday $100 plus tax, yikes.

    I'm close to making it happen....
  13. your better off to stay with the ford stuff its made for the car and i dont have any vibs and its all tight.
  14. I'm in the process of gathering all of the parts for my custom dual exhaust using Magnaflow X-pipe (the small one behind the cats) and using the takeoff GT pipes and mufflers and I went to my friendly Ford dealer to pick up the driver's side bracket and I got nailed for $57 and some change! I sure hope I don't have to go back there for a while!!! :damnit:
  15. Ummm......you need TWO of those brackets for each muffler! Did you only get one for $57?? Ouch...
  16. Yeah Hammy, I guess I will have to go to Ford again and bend over and say give me another bracket! For the last hour I have been looking at the exhaust system layout from the service manual that afixer downloaded for us and I just figured out that it doesn't look like I am going to get away with just one! :fuss:
  17. "Thank you Sir, may I have another!?!?" :rlaugh:

    In a few years, they'll be all over the junk yards, cheap for the taking...

    I think the Ford brackets will go a LONG way towards no rattles...so think of it as an auditory investment for the future :cheers:
  18. Hammy, You sound like you spent time in the Corps (marines), did you? I did and let me tell you I bent over quite a few times for the big green machine! :flag:
  19. Grabbin' Ankles!

    I am in the Corps and we say, "Bend over and grab your ankles!" I just hope they use CLP...
  20. No, I haven't served in any armed service. I do appreciate those of you that have, and still do!! :flag: Academics is more my thing...in fact, I'm responsible for some academic programs at Army, Marine, and Airforce bases :nice: Oh, I have an ROTC program that reports to me, too...hehe. It's fun having a LTC report to you as a civilian