1. If I'm using the gasket for the headers, should I still apply rtv?
  2. The consensus around here is to use copper gasket goop and no gasket, I used a copper gasket and have no problems
  3. Yeah I was replacing the gasket just now and found out the header is cracked at the flange where it connects to the rest of the pipe
  4. I don't like the goop; makes a mess. I just use better quality gaskets. Seldom have a problem.

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  5. I don't like the goop either,
  6. Copper gaskets, locking header bolts. I don’t use rtv and never had a problem.
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  7. I just use fel pro gasket and have never had an issue with any of my cars.
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  8. Nice, i got the fel pro gaskets, but as i mentioned earlier, gonna have to upgrade the headers or go with some oem ones since one of them is cracked and looks like it's been welded in the past, but I was reading other forums and they mentioned why upgrade the headers alone if the engine is stock.... Any tips on headers and supporting mods
  9. Stock headers are very restrictive. I would put shorty headers on a stock engine.
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  10. Headers (shorty) are a good investment if only because they look better than the stock ones, ceramic coated of course.
    I like long tubes for the added low end torque but they are not necessary for mostly stock stuff.
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  11. What kind of longtubes are you running and what size? Why are kooks so damn expensive, and are BBK ceramics good? Equal length any benefit over unequal shorties or just go long tubes?
  12. I think they are bbk or macs, they have the individual flanges and are probably 1 5/8, been on there 15 years, just get the shorties, ceramic coated, don't need equal length, they can be a pain, more so with p heads. If you do go with long tubes use the 92-93 starter, easy to change, just did mine. I look for low end torque cause I'm on the street and don't rev it up to launch, your all in at about 5500 anyway.
  13. Nice def gonna get ceramic, and I was going to actually swap over to the SVE mini stater which is just the same as what came in the 92-93s, did you change your cable for it?
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  14. Ya, I took the starter harness from a 92 I had but I'm up grading to 3g and going to use bigger cable to the starter, they're kinda puny. You can jump the solenoid with a short wire on the starter,
  15. Now that header brand comes up, it's worth mentioning that most exhaust gasket leaks come from cheap headers. The good brands, Mac, BBK, etc have a nice thick flange where it bolts to the head. Cheapy ebay headers tend to have a thin flange that warps easily, and causes gasket failures.

    I have to run the big Felpro 1415 gaskets with my heads. Never had one leak unless a header bolt backed out. Finally got tired of that and blew some money on Stage 8 locking bolts. Regular exhaust bolts should be fine on a stock engine.

    Shorty headers are a nice upgrade for a stock engine. Longtubes are always nicer, but it's a lot more money, and they are more hassle to put in. I think you are on the right track.

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    Wait what do you mean? So I’m looking into doing the same. Was going to end up grabbing these two items, so what is this jump you are talking about. Could I go to say autozone and get the starter harness for cheaper bc lmr is charging about 100 bucks for it.
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  17. I grabbed a 94-95 alt cut the bracket and slipped it in, just need to upgrade the power cable, should I look into a starter upgrade? Currently on the headers and looking on NPD for a new clutch aswell
  18. The 92-3 starters are easier to change with long tube headers, they just sound strange.