Exhaust Problems On A 03 Gt

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MustangMike03, May 30, 2013.

  1. Well I have a problem, I welded in flowmaster 40's and now my mid pipe and mufflers scrape everytime I hit a dip or a bump and literally the mid pipe clamps are 6-7 in off the ground
  2. Post a picture. You may need to readjust them again I have the same issue but I'm really low too. I just have to baby over speed bumps usually everything else I'm pretty fine. Loosen the midpipe bolts, jack it up more then retighten them.
  3. thanks I will try to get a pic up, but I will try what you said Joshjwc
  4. It's gotta be installed incorrectly. When I put on my midpipe I got the nuts on the exhaust manifold started a little bit, then used a floor jack and a block of wood to keep the midpipe tucked up real nice and close to the underbody, lastly I tightened the nuts down real tight with threadlocker. No scrapes, no problems, no bs.
  5. Do your mufflers have hangers welded on them. Because I previously did the same thing and my passenger muffler would scrape. I've since changed exhaust and don't have issues.....but that might he yours
  6. When i was putting in the super 44s on mine i noticed that the passenger side was lower than before but we did some moving around trying to get the tip to match the other side and it went back up so it wasn't lower but mine did not have hangers..