exhaust question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Jordan_J, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Ok I have a question about which would be the best exhaust system for me. I really love the sound of a v8 so I kinda want my to be loud and have a more aggressive tone to it, but I also want the performance from it too. I've heard Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and SLP loudmouths. I've heard Bassani is good but I don't know what they sound like also what about any other brands?

  2. You can never go wrong with 2 chamber flows.
  3. i had read in one of tha stang magz that mac's flowpath mufflers r supposed ta b nice n loud. I've been considering getting them for some time but wanna make sure there isn't nething better out there.
  4. You can't go wrong with flows. I love my Mac's. Nice and loud even with the stock hpipe and headers. Can't wait to finish my exhaust.

    My friend has bbk shorty's, o/r h, and a bassani catback and it sound freakin awesome! :drool:

    i have full mac exhaust on my car and i love it and i get complements all the time on how it sounds
    if i was going to do a exhaust for loud and good sound i would use mac 1 3/4 long tubes mac 2 1/2 prochamber mac 3 inch cat back with mac 3 1/2 inch tips that would sound killer
  6. I would say from experience that Bassani is the best quality/fit/performing exhaust on the market. They're probably also the most expensive. Flowmasters sound awesome, but I don't think they perform the greatest. I can't really tell the difference in sound between Flows and MACs, but the MACs are cheaper and I think they flow a little better. Keep in mind that there's probably only a 5 hp difference between the brands at the most. I've always run MAC catbacks on all my 5.0s and I ran Bassani catbacks on my '99 and '03 Cobras.
  7. Oh... And if you're going for LOUD and still want it to sound good, get MAC Pro-dumps. They're probably going to flow the best as well because they get rid of the back half of the catback which has to curve up and over the axles. You can't really go wrong any way you go, 5.0s just have a great sound to begin with.
  8. I've said it many times......Bassani.
  9. My Edelbrock catback sounds great even with the stock headers and h pipe. I can't wait to tune it up, it should sound even better. Everyone else runs the Flows, I wanted something different.
  10. I was considerin a full mac exhaust setup, but the system isn't completely stainless steel n i've heard lotta ppl talk bout rust problemz. Do you have ne rust problems?

  11. If your car is going to see any kind of weather then I would stay away from MAC. I have MAC headers and my car is pretty much a garage queen and they are all rusty. It looks terrible when I open my hood. I would get something stainless if it were me.
  12. i have some macs and they are awesome! nice aggressive rumble when i gun it.

    im switching to spintechs to try something new. the thing i hate about flowmaster/macs is the droning they produce. all cat backs make drones but i hear spintech isnt as bad.