Exhaust Question

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  1. Whats up guys. just needed to ask a smalll question? I just got my 88 notchback.and it has flowmasters with pro dumps. and i dont like them. i want to sound as close as i can to a cobra. i know im never going to sound like one . but i want the closest to it. thanx for the help.:SNSign: rules
  2. a pushrod motor will never sound like a 4v
  3. What year Cobra r u talking about?
  4. Sooo... Does it have flows or pro dumps? Pro dumps are Mac. What year Cobra with what exhaust haha? Not all Cobras sound the same, there's a bunch of different cobras and a million different exhaust combos.
  5. I agree with everyone, we need way more info. As far as sounding like a 4v I too am in the same boat, I want my 5.0 to sound like one, but it is near impossible. This summer I plan to try a few different mufflers on it, but you will never get the 4v sound. Magnaflows, Bassani, and SLPs on foxes give it a close sound. Couple those with an off road X and it should be nice!
  6. A Magnaflow cat-back and an X-pipe would probably be a good start towards the sound you're looking for, IMO. An X-pipe makes things sound a little less "chunky," gives it a slightly smoother tone like the 4.6's. Another option would be some Dynomax Ultra-Flow or Hooker Maximum Flow mufflers with tailpipes behind any X-pipe - all pretty similar in design.

    If you want something of about the same tone, but a little more ballsy, go with what I'm running on mine (Pypes Violators and off-road X-pipe). Gets lots of compliments, and it doesn't have the obnoxious Flowmaster drone, sounds pretty civil in normal driving, sounds like hell on earth when you go WOT.
  7. Mine is really docile down low, LTs will help that. Around 3000 my car gets raspy and loud and screams up top. I have an off road X and Spintechs on it!