Exhaust sound clip links!

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  1. This just popped into my head, so I thought it might be a good idea, since everyone's asking about exhaust all the time.

    If anyone has sound clips of exhaust on their car that they would like to post up, go to www.exhaustsoundclips.com and upload them there, and then you can post them here if you want. I'll make this into a sticky if it's popular enough.

    Anyway- here's a link to a sound clip of my old '90 Mustang:

    And here's a short video clip of my Turbo Coupe:
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  2. :nono:
  3. Many good full throttle sound clips. 3" dp and 3" Ultra flow just to the axel no tail pipe. car runs 12.95 so far

    left click then download

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  4. Come on folks I want to hear some good sounding 2.3's damn it!
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  5. link broken. Reposted farther down.
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  6. Hope this works.
    It's my 2.3L NA. Pacesetter long tube header, Magnaflow cat, Dynomax Super Turbo muffler and Dynomax tailpipe. All piping is 2.5 inches.
    View attachment 479770
    EDIT: It's a couple revs to about 3,000 RPM and then idling.
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  7. This is the first link that worked, come on guys fix the links.......

    Love the Clip, I am going to get mine posted up soon. Man, I must be getting Homesick though, I miss Mudflaps on my mustang. :nice: Northern Boys FTW
  8. Yea I've also put mine up on YouTube recently.

    EDIT: It's pretty bad quality overall, I need to get another video with a drive-by, rev, pulling out, deceleration. Etc. Hopefully I'll get around to it before it go back to school.
  9. Bah, I just noticed the other day that that site has got my files all fubared now...I dunno what happened, I uploaded them again but who knows how long it could be til they're back up.
  10. I got a 79 2.3 turbo engine.
  11. Here's a couple clips of my Merkur back before it was intercooled. The exhaust is stock down pipe, with a measly 2'' straight pipe all the way back to the stock Merkur resonator (not a muffler, they actually came with resonators), no mufflers and no cats.

    View attachment 294567
    View attachment 294568
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  13. See below for updated.
  14. Hi k4mjk. It seems that the sounds of your 93 have an awesome voice. How much did it cost you to have that great sound?
  15. My 86 SVO

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  16. Nice and lopey! What cam are you running?