Exhaust Sound CLips

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  1. Hey All wazzup. My friend just got a 2005 v6 and wants to put an exhaust on it. She says she doesn't want it as loud as fine (which is impossible anyways) but she wants it to sound nice. Does anyone know where we can find some sound clips of exhaust tones. Or if people are willing to record their own sounds for us. I heared MAC sounds really good along with Ford Racing, but we would like to hear before we buy type thing. I checked Mustang Exhaust.com but didnt see any clips on there Yet. So if anyone can help thx.
  2. JBA has sound Clips

    and so does Magna-Flow ~
  3. Can some1 post the DUAL JBA exhaust clip... i unable to find it. Im sure one has to exist somewhere. Single exhaust clip sounds badass.
  4. Here's my exhaust evolution so far...

    single GT take-off muffler...
    A nice improvement over stock.

    single GT take-off muffler and JBA headers...
    The clip doesn't do it justice... it was a HUGE improvement over just the GT muffler. Much louder and quicker revving.

    JBA headers and JBA duals (y-pipe version)...
    Again, the clip just doesn't capture the essence of the lovely growl.

    These were all recorded with a Powerbook's built-in mic, about 4 feet behind the bumper.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Love that last clip. I want that setup!
  6. MSP... dig those freeway clips! Snazzy!!
  7. Did the headers require any real work to put in? or do they have enough clearance in the engine bay to bolt right up?
  8. My installer said the headers fit perfectly... he was very impressed with the ease of fit.
  9. ooh ok cus a friend of mine was thinking perhaps the engine would need to be tilted to slip them on.
  10. The jba headers are a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock headers.... shouldn't be any issues.
  11. the jba header and duals sound really buzzy maybe its just the clips tho. anyone have a clip of the magnaflow?
  12. hey MSP can ya make some clips of what that sounds like outside the car? So far that is awesome, really makin me rethink stayin single (exhaust, already "dualed" in the relationship sense)
  13. I could never like those, if i wanted a civic i would have bought one. The stock exhaust sounds 10x better than that. If its that ricy at 3-4k rpm, imagine what it sounds like at 6k rpm.
  14. You can't even hear the stock exhaust.
  15. I am loving my setup .. True duals from cat back .. with Flowmaster 40's and a crossover pipe just behind the cats ..

    I have a lot more pep and unless the rpm's are over 5k you can't tell it's not a GT. IMO it sounds just like an 8 until you get up over 5k then it gets a tad thin and my secret is out. But even then it's not too noticable unless you know what your listening for. It's sweet IMO.
  16. msp, which flowmasters did you use? which x- pipe did you use?

  17. I relpied to PM richey rich789!! The side exhaust will be sweet.. Make sure to post pics.. If it looks good, I'll definatley get it done.. :nice: