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  1. ight so ive got hooker longtubes, and h-pipe and 2 non delta 40s dumped. it sounds nothin like a stang whatsoever. i was told by a guy today its the pipes and tips after the mufflers that give it that "hollow" sound. so tell me what im doin wrong here.
  2. Yeah, tailpipes do give it that famous 5.0 "hollow","tubey" sound. Dumps will give it a bassier rumbly sound and the drone will be around the 1k RPM range.... right around idle, actually. That overbearing "WAH, WAH, WAH" drone... I'm sure you know what I mean. With tailpipes, the drone will be around the famous 2k range, but not at idle. Dumps have more of a old muscle car rumble to them, while tailpipes have more of a modern exotic sound. I've been back and forth many times between the two. I like both sounds really, but right now I'm with the tailpipes because I do like the sound and now that I have the cobra bumper, I'm digging being able to have tailpipes that show and look good.
    Hope this helps.

  3. man i curse it everyday, i cant hear myself think just a little above idle. worst place is like when i have to drive through a school zone or something, might as well end any conversation in the vehicle cause you aint gonna hear anything. but yeah, mine has a muscle deep sound, but id much rather opt for the hollow tubey sound, i think it more sounds like a mustang. new mustang that is
  4. My exhaust setup makes my car sound like a nascar engine from 3k on up, goddam does it sound mean, I love it.
  5. so what size tips are the one? im probabaly gonna go get this done 2morrow, as 1) i want that sound and 2) i wanna get rid of that drone. ive been in vehicles with the 2k drone and i dont think its as bad.
  6. First off does your car have the cats or nocats? what size are your tips? Have you ported anything(heads, intake, do you have a cam?) These all play a role. I have hooker super comp. E/L, h-pipe with no cats, 1 chamber flowmasters with turndowns. DAMN!!! Go to turndowns dude, if you want the rumble that is. Just my own opinion.
  7. Tip size is really up to what you like the look of best. I've had 2.5" Flowmaster LX tips, 2.5" Flowmaster GT style tails (on my old GT), and 2.5" tails with 3.5" tips which is what I have now. The different sizes of tips didn't seem to make a difference in sound... that I could notice anyway.
    That 2k drone can get pretty loud sometimes, but at idle you get that nice hollow "gargle" instead of that "WOMP WOMP" drone with dumps. Don't get me wrong though, I like dumps too. I'm not saying one is right and the other is wrong. It's just a matter of preference.
    Some argue the lack of torque/HP with dumps compared to the extra backpressure that tailpipes give, but I'm not worried about the loss/gain of approx. 5 HP when it comes to the sound of my car. I've driven up to my friend's muffler shop before, removed or added tailpipes, and driven away not feeling any HP difference at all. We've even discussed the theory that maybe dumps make it "seem" like there's a drop in power because it makes more noise with the same effort and feels like you had to get into it more to go the same speed... when in reality you're getting into it the same, it's just making more noise. Did that make sense? I've thought about this WAY too much.
    Anyway, good luck with it! :nice:
  8. BADPONY, that is intersesting you said what you did about the backpressure theory. I asked a bunch of people the same thing. I was wondering I have enough backpressure in my system. Because I have absolutely no restriction. No cats, 1 chambers and turndowns. What do you think? Should I go with 2 chambers at least?

  9. ok i have mildy ported gt-40s, i have no cats and i have an e cam. among other things, but they wont a diffrence. heres the deal, you can line me right beside my friend parker. the only difference between our motors is that his is carbed. his sounds just like a stang should. mine however has this damn farm truck 302 sound. but they are identical in every way except his is carbed and has tailpipes. ive got about 6" and down out of my mufflers. ive had these turndowns for about 6 months now and they aggrevate the **** outta me anyways.
  10. go to 1 chambers man!!
  11. I've had the one chambers too, both the original ones and the delta-force ones. Now that's loud! But they have the "loss of the classic 5.0 sound" that he is refering to also. They sound cool, but I got tired of being THAT loud ALL the time. I hated to give them up, but I needed something a little more "everyday-able". One thing I always warn people about, that I've said on here over and over, is that one-chambers DO NOT work with tailpipes. Tailpipes change their sound altogether into a flappy, glasspack sound.... like an old pickup truck. The two chambers do not do this, but the one chambers do. Also, the one-chambers are center inlet/outlet and are short, so custom flowtubes have to be made and if tailpipes are used, they have to be "frankenstiened" to work. Anyway, more of my useless dribble....

  12. a little birdy here told me back pressure is just a big myth and is over rated by the time it gets to the cat-back kit.
  13. ok i went and got it done today. man it sounds totally different in loudness. it does now sound like a stang. and i can actually talk to someone now while driving. you were right about the 2k drone...but its nowhere near the obnoxious sound it used to make. i like this much better than the dumps.

    now eventhough im not a subscriber to the whole backpressure thing, i can say that i DID in all honestly feel a difference down low. truck feels the same from 20mph up, but it definately had a change in the way it takes off. slow roll that is. almost like it revs up a little quicker, it got rid of that lag it used to have.
  14. Waht did you go with ..2 chamber originals with tailpipes?
  15. yeah.