exhaust sys. w/ mellow low end & mean top end?

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  1. What midpipe and catback would have more of a quieter low end, but still be loud on the top end with longtubes and AFR165's/C/I? The car is 100% street.

    I'd like it not too be too loud while cruising at <2000 rpms, but sound mean when you get on it. I want to be able to avoid police attraction, lure unsuspecting camaros/ricers, be able to comfortably talk with passengers, and listen to the stereo.

    I currently have a stock H/C/I with unequal shortys, catless H, and 2 chamber Flowmasters. It's not too loud now, but I wouldn't want it any louder at cruising rpm's once I get the AFR165/C/I and longtubes.

    I'm assuming that the midpipe choice is one that is more the design (H/X/prochamber) rather than the brand.

    What about 3 chamber Flowmasters? Or whatever.

  2. I've personally heard a H/C/I/Blower 5.0 with longtubes, Dr. Gas X pipe, and 3 chamber flows. Barely louder than stock at idle, but when he romped on it, it screamed. I'm running a stock motor with factory headers, Dr. Gas X pipe, and 2 chamber flows, and really like the sound. It's quite a bit louder than stock at idle, but doesn't "drone" nearly as bad as it did with the factory H pipe. WOT puts a big dumb smile on my face. :D Lots of guys don't like the sound of chambered muffs with an X pipe, but I'm happy with mine. :nice:
  3. I've got a similar question/goal.
    I too would like to be able to talk to passengers and hear the stereo. Ideally, I like it to sound deeper, with more bass, than high pitched whine.
    The car is stock apart from an offroad h-pipe. No idea what's on the end of that...
  4. My exhaust fits your description pretty well. I have BBK LT headers, a Dr. Gas offroad x-pipe and a Dynomax Ultraflow Stainless catback. At idle, after its warmed up, its barely louder than stock. Cruising around it fairly quiet. But once you get on it, it does get loud. Above 4,000 rpm is awesome :nice:, it just screams. I cruise with this @ 2000 rpm for 90 min for my ride to college, and the drone is barely noticable and you can have a conversation easily. I like it, quiet when I want it to, and I can still be heard a couple blocks away if I feel the need :D .
  5. Quiet at lower rpms

    Even though I didn't like it too much, I had a Mac Pro chamber H pipe that was quieter than a normal X or H pipe at lower speeds and almost as loud at WOT.
  6. Magnaflow makes really nice exhaust kits that are all stainless steel and have fully welded mufflers. Their sound is just like you described, a mellow rumble at part throttle but really mean at WFO. They're a good alternative to belly-button Flowmasters ;) .

    Thought this was pretty cool:
  7. If you'e got the cash, Borla and Bassani both make really sweet setups that are just like you described. I've never heard the Bassani's in person but i knew a guy with the Borla setup and it was drool city.
  8. BBK Longtubes along with a Magnaflow X-pipe w/cats and Magnaflows =:drool:
  9. I like Bassani with an offroad x piple. Sounds awesome.
  10. you can click on the link in my sig for a bassani x magnaflow combo, unfortunately mine has stock headers for now, but i have heard this set up on longtubes and it sounded great.
  11. I agree with that. Bassani is nice and mellow at idle but screams up top.
  12. I have the tripple chambers and they sound great but dont seem to be what you are looking for.I have the BBK equal lengths and matching catless h-pipe and dam.......from oregon to cali...whew my ears rang for 10 hours after the trip.The tripples are quieter though.
  13. I have JBA UE shorties going into a Carsound 2 cat h-pipe and then through a pair of Dynomax Bullitt mufflers with 2 1/2" tailpipes and 3" tips. The Bullitt mufflers are very similar to Borlas with an oval straighthru design and stainless steel shell. It worlks real well with the H/C/I and SC. I don't see how a baffled system such as flowmasters could equal the flow of a straighthru design. At idle it's just barely louder than stock with a nice mellow drone at freeway speeds. At WOT its loud but I've heard much louder setups. Overall its a pretty mellow system. If it wasn't for the whine of the A trim at idle it wouldn't get much attention.