Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. I'm keeping the car, so I want to get a bad ass sounding exhaust for it now. I like a loud rumble like the old muscle car sound, not that "crackling" noise. I don't want to deal with headers if I don't have to. What's your advice on the best setup for that kind of sound? I like to just drive it slow and enjoy the sound through each shift, you know what I mean?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer...
  2. Basically the slower I go, the louder it gets. I don't want to have to "hit it" in order to hear it loud.
  3. O/R H with 2-chamber Flows

    Or my old setup (MAC O/R H and MAC Flowpath mufflers)

  4. Man that sounds great!! Thanks for the video example, that really helped out a lot.
  5. After listening to exhaust videos on youtube, I think you pretty much nailed it with this vid. This is how I want it to sound. Thanks man!
  6. If you can, please send me links of all the parts needed. So I can get an estimate of the total in parts. Thanks again.
  7. Yeah. Factory catback (and most aftermarket catbacks) are offset/offset, no single-outs anywhere.
  8. I'm debating about what tips to get, haven't made up my mind yet if I want Dual or Quad exhaust...
  9. Ummmm I guess you could but I would advise against it. What if there is a future problem with the car and you don't have that warning light?

    Please, for the sweet baby Jesus, don't do quad exhaust :(
  10. Right! Duh!

    Where do I buy a tuner or mil eliminator and how costly is it? Haha, no quad exhaust. Your probably right.
  11. I provided a link for the MIL eliminators. AmericanMuscle.com is extremely popular among mustang guys. They have the best prices.

    If you're not familiar with a tuner.....


    A tuner allows you to plug directly into your cars computer and allows you to change many different parameters (do not mess with these parameters unless you know what you're doing!). They also allow for professional tuners to write you tunes, email them to you, and upload them to your car increasing performance and other things. Tuners also read and can clear trouble codes (codes that cause the SES light to come on). They are expensive but serve many different purposes. People who cant afford tuners go with the MIL eliminators.

    If your budget doesn't allow it, got the MIL's and save up for a tuner. A custom tune can gain as much as 15rwhp on these cars.
  12. Thanks man, you've been extremely helpful and I appreciate your time. I'm good with the MIL Eliminator, not worried about horsepower gain at the moment. Just trying to get the car to run good with no problems and sound great for now. I'll worry about all that later on down the road.
  13. Working on mechanical repairs, then exterior appearance and then mods.