Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. well, back when "old muscle cars" were just muscle cars, the vast majority of them had Cherry Bomb style glass packs ;)
  2. Ha, I remember. No thanks though lol
  3. I always wanted to try a Coffin Muffler setup.
  4. No way. Nightfire nailed it on the dot. That's the system i'm getting, thanks though.
  5. The coffin mufflers sounds like the car has bronchitis. Aint nobody got time fo that.

    Look into Bassani's if you got a ton of cash. They have the perfect blend of rumble and scream in my opinion.
  6. Skip to 0:12... I "DON'T" want my car to sound like that AT ALL. What exhaust gives you this drone but no crackle noise?

  7. What I meant by quad exhaust was two on each side, not four. I decided to get dual after all though.
  8. Skip to 6:38
    I want my car to sound just like this. What would be the best setup?

  9. Sounds like just an axle-back exhaust and nothing else. It really doesn't do anything for me, too tame :shrug:

    You'd need a 3V with 3V stock headers, 3V stock mid-pipe, and Im thinking that's a non-chambered axel-back.

    BTW, as far as sound goes.....2V >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3V
  10. Ok, so not going that option. Thanks. Does that MAC system backfire and make that crackle noise?
  11. So this quad exhaust is what you were thinking of? You think it looks bad? Obviously besides the 2.5 inlet that I need, I want a 4 outlet as well but what size pipes in length would I need for them to stick out like that?

    image.jpg image.jpg
  12. Most old school muscle cars got their tone from the cam and heads as well

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  13. Yea, I figured. So I would need heads, o/r h pipe, mufflers and tips in order to have the full system right?
  14. I personally think the car looks "meaner" with four tips, don't you?
  15. I just realized that I can't do 4 tips, there's only slots for one each....

  16. Ok anyways, will these be the right fit for the 2.5 outlet Mac flowpath muffler and enough in length to stick out the back a little more? image.jpg
  17. I've never heard mine crackle or backfire.....EVER.

    Full exhaust is considered headers (not heads), mid-pipe, and cat-back/mufflers

    Personally, I don't :shrug:
  18. Yea I know headers. That's more expensive though. How much do those range for?
    Thanks for all your answers, I appreciate it man. I wonder why those videos backfire if it's the same setup? Weird.
  19. I bought my MAC longtubes for around $380 I think, had them ceramic coated locally for $120, and installed them myself (which was a PAIN). I think the going rate to have someone do it for you is around $400? You'd have to call around.
  20. Now on the other hand, this is a bit much LMAO