Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. 3 chamber flows? What's that?
  2. Chambered mufflers are called chambered mufflers because they have chambers inside the muffler to deflect/muffle the noise. Straight-through mufflers (SLP, Magnaflow, etc.) feature an unobstructed straight clear path right through the center of the muffler but the walls are packed with sound-deadening material (that's how they muffle the noise).

    The more chambers in a muffler, the more the sound is deflected and muffled. Flowmaster has single, double, and triple chamber mufflers. The single chamber (10 series) sound mean as heal but are unbelievably loud (youtube single chamber flowmaster). Double chamber mufflers (40 series) are more common on muscle cars because they offer the same rumble/growl but t a tolerable noise level. The 3 chambered mufflers are basically truck mufflers.

    Chambered muffler:


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  3. Cool, I learned something new. Thanks! Yes, these are chambered for sure, I think that's the rattling noise going on inside. So if it's 3 chamber, what series is that? I'll prob just get two replacement mufflers either 10 or 40 series then.

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  4. If it's rattling the one of the baffles (metal pieces you see in the diagram) has probably let loose. Like I posted earlier, the original 40 series muffs are what you want. They are two chamber with maximum flow so they are louder/meaner.

    The MAC Flowpaths (like what is on my car are also two chambered). The design of the chambers and whatnot results in what you hear in my vid. For some reason, there is less drone, but they sound incredible from 2500+
  5. I don't think the exhaust sounds bad, it's just that only one is working. I saw the mufflers, they are flowmaster for sure. Just not sure what series. Here, this is a vid of me driving and shifting at the same time. "Listen with headphones on, it sounds better".

  6. What do you mean only one is working?

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  7. The driver side muffler is broken
  8. It actually doesn't sound that bad. Needs to be much louder/meaner!
  9. So they could be 40's or 44's you think? Won't it be a little louder once I get the muffler fixed and sound better too? Does that have a big impact?
  10. I got under the car best I could using a speed bump, until I can get to a shop and look. From what I could see, I have "Ravin" mufflers.... Wtf?!? I looked them up online and Midas used to sell them at the shop but now they are discontinued....

    I think I'll replace them with 10 series flowmasters, what do you think?

    image.jpg image.jpg
  11. Ravins are fkn garbage!

    Just an FYI, single chamber flows (1-chambers) are VERY loud! They sounds awesome at first but you might get tired of them
  12. I'm assuming a**hole threw them on before he sold the car to me. I bet you flowmasters were on it to begin with and he took them off and sold them.

    I don't mind about not having a conversation inside the car because it's that loud but I hate that backfire crackle noise. Would it still be loud like your saying even though I have all 4 cats, stock h and K&N cold air intake with the two 10's?
  13. I thought you were ditching the stock H for an O/R piece. It wont be as loud with the stock mid-pipe
  14. I can't afford it at this moment. The way it is now is plenty loud for me. I live in LA, I don't feel like dealing with the law and getting fines for noise ordinance.
  15. If you ditch the cats in Califronia you'll have a lot more to worry about than a noise ticket....
  16. I LOVE my Magnaflows....but from what you have been saying you may not like them...
  17. Why wouldn't I like them?
  18. Looks like chambered it is. They sound how I want them to over straight through mufflers. I'm thinking of getting the Flowmaster 10's I mean.
  19. This sounds pretty legit for stock everything and super 10 flows

  20. I run full length longtubes with a mac prochamber and mac 2.5in catback . so basically all mac sounds great. no rasp all rumble
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