Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. I just received a random check in the mail from a job I did at some point lol, so I just ordered the two 10's. perfect timing! What should I expect a shop to charge to install these? Thanks for your help.
  2. The average I was quoted here (about 8 different shops) was about $40 per muffler.
  3. Doesn't sound as loud as I thought I suppose the clips Ive heard were on O/R mid-pipes. Sounds good.
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  5. Sounds good!!
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  6. Yup, your right. Just ordered the 10's. Having them installed for $40 each!
  7. Yea, this is the only video I could find that's all stock with two 10's. It sounds amazing from the video. All other YouTube vids were o/r x and h which in my opinion sound horrible and too "crackly" lol.
  8. Heres a small clip of my old muscle car lol hey in 5 years I can put collector plates on it!! Before it was lowered it!!

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  9. Nice Stang. That's how a stang should sound!
  10. This is the same car but he threw on a BBK x pipe. Sounds horrible in my opinion and that's the "crackle" noise I've been talking about! People think that sounds good lol?

  11. yes, people do...THAT is exactly what an old muscle car (or race car) would sounds like, especially a small block car...IMO the sound you are after is the 80's "Pro Street" sound, nothing wrong with that if that is what you like ;)
  12. No. I'm after the 60's muscle car sound. I noticed an o/r H doesn't make that crackle noise or it's minor if it does and the o/r X does all the time.
  13. back when 60's muscle cars weren't coddled trailer queens they cackled and sounded like tearing canvas...if you are after the 60's muscle car sound the one you said "people think that sounds good?" is EXACTLY what you are after :shrug:
  14. Thanks dude I like your ride aswell!!
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  15. Been reading this thread for a couple days, most of the stuff has been pretty well covered but figured I would chime in because I just installed on my completely stock 2000 I bought not long ago a Flowmaster American Thunder cat back kit and an off road H. The Flowmaster kit came first part of last week so I decided to get it on with the stock H because the stock silence was killing me. The car sounded good and loud but with the stock mid pipes cat's killing the flow of exhausts it, to me anyway, sounded like it was still corked somehow. I put the O/R H on this weekend and as everyone knows the car gets much louder and in my book more enjoyable than listening to the radio. (which I do a lot)

    Here is the thing tho. The car sounds awesome, however I went cheap and bought a Summit brand O/R H. Wish I had went with a Mac or a BBK. I put a BBK O/R H on my old 96' GT that was full PI swapped and it had a bit of a deeper tone than the summit with the same cat back (Supper 44). So the brand does make a diff in sound which I do not think some people realize or think about. Some people also do not realize the amount of resonance inside the car they will get out of a set mufflers and a mid pipe.

    The muffler guy I used in the past always told me not to use chambered mufflers with a X pipe. At the time I though he was nuts and could not wrap my head around why so after I had the 96' for awhile (at the time it was still stock NPI) I decided to get a BBK X and I freaking hated it so bad I only ran it for a week and bought a BBK H. So I guess he was right, but I know guys that love the raspy, crackly sound of that set up. Hey if it's what sounds good to you, go for it.

    My 87' GT that I have has had the AM Flowmaster kit and a MAC O/R H with BBK shorties on it for over 8 years and in my book nothing sounds a sweet as it, however I also have ported heads, cam, intake, etc that help.

    If it's not raining tomorrow maybe I will try get some sound clips of my 2000. When I get center console put back in my 87' I will do the same if it is not sold by then.

    OP, I also have a Crystal White convertible on it has a tan top which is about to get changed out to a black cloth top.
  16. Out with the old and in with the new....


  17. Is it better to remove all 4 cats or keep all 4 and throw on an O/R H instead. I'm not big on the O/R X pipes.
  18. Wow that's a lot to read haha. I agree 100% with the X-Pipe, it's too "crackle" sounding for me. The H Pipe has more of the rumble that I like. I want in loud enough to heard loud inside because I don't drive with music really, I just like to drive and hear the exhaust between each gear. The louder when going slower, the better!
  19. Yeah if you want the true old school muscle car sound, you have to go with an O/R H-pipe.
    X pipes might net more numbers, but the H-pipes have a better tone. And as much as I
    used to hate them, I think Flowmaster is the way to go.