Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. What did you think about the video I did with the new exhaust? Will it get louder as it breaks in more?
  2. There isn't much of a break in really, it may get a bit louder yeah. But I wouldn't expect any huge changes.
    Sounds nice though =)
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  3. I live in CA, therefore I can't remove the cats which sucks, but it is what it is. Would throwing an O/R H with my four cats and two 1 chamber flows sound louder but still good than just my stock H which is on now? Would I get a hp increase as well? What O/R H would you recommend getting? Thanks for your input!
  4. buy an o/r h-pipe and put your stock h-pipe in storage. when it is time for smog inspection, put your stock h-pipe on temporarily, get it inspected, then switch it back out. an o/r h-pipe is an o/r h-pipe in my opinion. if you can flip the coin for one that is stainless steel, it will last longer, but it really doesnt matter.
  5. Yea, that's what I was thinking too. Thanks. There's soo many brands though, BBK, MAC, etc...
  6. An h pipe is an h pipe brother. Doesn't matter imho
  7. Ok then I'll just buy the cheapest one. Thanks man
  8. Wow! They won't even sell to CA residents...

  9. *edit-speaking from the 94-95 gt side of things.*

    Summit will sell in ca, last time I bought.
    But, the summit o/r h pipe is a bit shorter on the passenger side, iirc.
    Didn't matter much to me,as I've always had an aftermarket cat back.
    Since you've got a factory cat back with welded mufflers, any aftermarket mid pipe might lead to uneven tail pipes.
    Something to keep in mind.
  10. Also, I've had both summit and mac mid pipes.
    Both were slightly different in length, on one side or the other.
  11. With the 10 series flows I have now, I had to add extra piping because the mufflers are so small. So it should be fine I'd think?
  12. I couldn't tell you.
    Your cat back is a fixed length, any mid pipe, shorter or longer will change the tail pipe position.
  13. Thinking about it now, the summit o/r h pipe was almost 2 inches shorter on one side.
    If the cat back I had at that time had been welded, it would've looked pretty ridiculous, haha.
  14. i had the same problem switching from a bbk x-pipe to a bbk h-pipe once. i think it is dependant upon what day of the week the thing was manufactured. lol.
  15. Just last week I replaced the stock cat back and mid pipe. Used a Summit o/r H and the Flowmaster American Thunder system Someone made the comment that an H is an H and I have to disagree with that. The summit H fit good until It came time to tie it in to the cat back on the passenger side to the point that it would have miss-aligned the tips in the back. Solution was to unbolt the tali pipe to muffler clamp and pull some out until it was even with the drivers. Now that I have it all together I will break out the mig and weld everything up to get rid of the ugly clamps.

    Being as I have never had a SN or new edge that was a hard top I wondered if the car being a 'vert or a hard top had anything to do with it. Prob not.

    Had a similar issue with my old 96' GT with the summit o/r X and on top of that my exhaust developed a rattle around 2-3k that was driving me nuts and I hated the sound of the x so I bought a BBK. The BBK went on smooth and no rattles. Why I got cheap and bought another Summit Pipe this time around I have no clue. LOL.

    Got a Mac on my Fox and it came in 3 pieces that made it a cinch to install and no middle H clamp to deal with.
  16. +1 for everyone who said O/R H-Pipe and flows. I had that setup and it was loud (in a good way) throughout the entire range.
  17. Open headers defines the 60's 70's muscle car era pretty well ;)
  18. This is a really great forum. Everyone here always so helpful..