Exhaust tubing size?

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  1. I have a 2008 mustang Gt, I've asked a lot of people if I they know what size of tubing I have and none of them know.
    Can someone help me? I want to know what size I have and whats the biggest I can go with just bolt ons done to my engine?
  2. 2.25" is the stock size, IIRC.

    On an aftermarket exhaust, with only bolt-ons, I'd just go with a 2.5".
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  3. Oh okay That's what I thought it was but wasn't sure at all thank you very much !!!
  4. you actually have 2.5 inch mandral bent exhaust from the factory. if you are going to replace it i would only do a mid pipe just to change the cats and an axle back
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  5. Your right that makes sense ! I just don't know what to go with there is so many options ! Can anyone help me ?
  6. i have the flowmaster american thunder axle back on mine and it sounds great..then depending where you live as far as emission testing go with a bbk x pipe either catted for emissions or off road if no testing
  7. do you plan on doing headers?
  8. Well, it's sorta mandrel bent...I put longtubes on my car and I'm in the process of putting some small Magnapacks in as resonators. The intermediate pipes have all those stupid little bends in them and the pipe diameter is definitely less than 2.5" near the bends.