Exhaust--Whatcha gonna do?

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What would you do with the exhaust?

  1. Keep them stock (hopefully Ford got the sound right!)

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  2. Swap them to hi-flow resonators (like the SLP or G35/350Z aftermarket sys)

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  3. Swap in nice polished, hi-flow smaller mufflers (i.e. 2.5"/3" tips)

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  4. Swap in nice polished, hi-flow large mufflers (i.e. 4"+ tips... the ricer look)

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  5. Swap in whatever's available (just get the stock stuff out!)

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  6. Just add different tips (i.e. more ricer look)

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  1. OK, we know the mufflers of the '05 are in the very back of the car now, like the imports. What would you do considering exhaust is usually the 1st mod for most folks.
  2. Open headers
  3. I would keep them stock, but would like to add the MagnaPack Catbacks at some point in time. I like loud mufflers.
  4. Do what I always do... visit RJ's, Kooks, or Brullen & just get a custom system fabricated (if one isn't available yet). Nothing "ricey"... just larger diameter going to a pair of Magnaflow or Brullen mufflers.
  5. if you get smaller mufflers do you think you can place them in the middle of the chassis and then run pipes out the back like now? those magna pack mufflers are very small and would be possible

    something like this:
  6. I'm going with SLP resonators.
  7. Wait to see what choices come out from the aftermarket before deciding.
  8. flowtech terminator biteme's :cool:
  9. re

    spintech side exhaust if possible..if not them some other side exhaust. Have a body shop alter the rear bumper.
  10. There are only two things I care about in exhaust. Performance and sound, that's all.

  11. I dont think that placement is a good idea. Right under the gas tank? Space most likely will be tight there allready. But who knows only time will tell.
  12. I say put in or make an X-pipe, which quiets things down anyway, along with the cats and no muffler should provide livable db at cruising speeds. :D
  13. whats the deal with poeple wanting to move the mufflers? lots of posts here about not liking the muffler placement. is it just because you MAY or MAYNOT see it? is there any performance reasons for wanting to move them under the car??
  14. Purely for looks but I have to agree with them. Visable mufflers just look tacky for the most part.
  15. These would be my plans:

    Bassani Mid length headers (if they are available, or will fit)
    Bassani OR X Pipe
    2 Chamber flow masters with turn downs

    New rear bumper that does not have the cutouts in it for the tail pipes.

    EDIT: read about a custom setup, and that makes sense too.

    Sir Hacksalot
  16. Like the imports???

    Please. Every car does this now. Vettes have been like that forever so they must be rice then right???

    C'mon people pull your heads out of your.....

    The mufflers were moved so that the gas tank could be moved. The gas tank was moved for safety issues. Who cares if you can see the muffler. The aftermarket companies will more than likely come up with a slimmer muffler that will tuck under the bumper better or even mufflers that are black so that they cannot be seen.

    I can't believe people are having such a fit about muffler placement :shrug:
  17. sorry, everyone loves the look of the stainless pipes of the 87-93 cobras/lx's and the 94-98 GT without seeing the ugly mufflers. if no one complained about anything then all mustangs would be stock :notnice:
  18. Exactly.

    I'm not knocking Ford for putting the mufflers there I understand why they had to. And if you have no problem with the look that's fine however I prefer not to see the mufflers and I could really careless if the Vette has their's visible. I just want mine without seeing them hence that's why I plan on getting resonators. It's the sound and look I'm looking for so it makes sense yes?
  19. I like the idea of open headers :)
  20. Long Tube headers, H or X pipe, and Bassani Quiet Thunder mufflers or whatever's in the SLP catback... I heard they are just like resonators or something? But they sound GOOD.