Exhaust--Whatcha gonna do?

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What would you do with the exhaust?

  1. Keep them stock (hopefully Ford got the sound right!)

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  2. Swap them to hi-flow resonators (like the SLP or G35/350Z aftermarket sys)

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  3. Swap in nice polished, hi-flow smaller mufflers (i.e. 2.5"/3" tips)

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  4. Swap in nice polished, hi-flow large mufflers (i.e. 4"+ tips... the ricer look)

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  5. Swap in whatever's available (just get the stock stuff out!)

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  6. Just add different tips (i.e. more ricer look)

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  1. I would hope you would like some increased performance as well. :D
  2. SIDE EXHAUST :nice: if not that... dumps
  3. I'm going to punch holes in the floorboards just behind the front seats and run the exhaust pipes into the back seat. That way I'll be able to hear my exhaust and I can role up the windows so I don't have to share it with anyone else. Ha!
  4. Well if the exhaust is done well in the first place I'd be perfectly fine with not picking up any significant horsepower gains. Like the GTO exhaust. People are doing after market exhausts for them and they don't gain hardly any extra power.
  5. Noone has said anything about flowmasters yet :(

    I'm afraid i'll have to stick them on the back and paint them :( :(

  6. I'm wondering how no mufflers will sound. if it doesn't sound like a pickup truck and its not too loud, might be a decent idea
  7. How hard would it be to put on side exhaust?
  8. I'm starting to think side exhaust placement would look really cool w/the retro look. Problem is it sounds like space between the wheels is just too maxed out already. Only other option is corvette-like center exit exhaust.

    With mufflers out the back, the cool side view of (polished) straight pipes from the rear wheel back like previous models is LOST. Also, rear view's gonna be a la old 300Z's--the mufflers were nice looking, BUT the car looked like it was sitting on its bumper! Unfortunately, I can see mirror polished mufflers, 4.5" DTM tips coming out and angled 30^ to the outside and 2^ up. It's imminent...
  9. First thing, I'd paint the muffler canistors black so they won't show :D
  10. i might look into some sweet thunder chambered pipes if i couldnt have the mufflers not show check out www.sweetthunder.com