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  1. I have the stock exhaust but instead of the muffler i have a cherry bomb bottle.
    i dont really care for the sound of it that much so im thinking that i might just cut out the bottle replace it with just pipe and put a nice tip on. any ideas how this might sound?

    p.s. my buddy just bought a 99 sunfire gt he took it into the shop and got the mufflers cut out and just had 4" tips put on it sounds a little ricey but it still sounds pretty good
  2. It will be loud, I kinda like the way mine sounded un muffled, especialy whil decellerating in gear. You'll probably lose low end torque, and it'll get annoying doing 50 down the highway BANHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  3. I'm not sure on how it would sound , but just about anything would be better than a cherry bomb I would think. They seem like a real power stealer to me. Have you considered a Flow Master or duel turbo mufflers with a S.V.O. Y-pipe?

    In my part of the woods the only way to do run with no muffler, is to gut the muffler and place a straight pipe in it and weld it back as so they couldn't tell.
  4. I'd also recomend a Flow Master over straight pipes the outta a Flow just sounds right. gives the motor more bass.

    ruuning straight off the header is best on V8s
  5. if i did this my exhaust would still have the cat and resonator on it.....just no muffler. my friends sunfire has the cat and resonator with 2 tips and it is quieter than my car with the cherry bomb

    I think the cherry bomb is a power robber....my car really feels restriced by the exhaust when accelerating.
  6. :lol:
  7. No mufflers = ghetto fabulous, especially on a 4 pot ;)

    You're way better off just replacing the Cherry Bomb with something (anything!).....better.....it will sound a lot better than no muffler IMO, I'm not a big fan of little engines with no mufflers. :p
  8. Id break it into dual exhaust with one or two flowmasters on it. I think you will probably be much happier with that then you are with your cherry or you would be by running open exhaust right out the back.