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  1. I am sure there is a million of these threads, but hey what is this place for huh??

    anyways i was thinking about purchasing a Y-Pipe for my mustang and i was wondering if it was good/bad? and what it would sound like?? and if there would be anything better for around $300-350. The one i have found was $288 shipped from extremeeffect.com.

    thanks for the help
  2. You already have a Y-Pipe on your car. I don't think the sound will change at all. Unless maybe its catless. :shrug:
  3. Well i mean its a exhaust kit that bolts on to the y pipe and looks like dual exhaust
  4. Buy two mufflers of X namebrand. get an exhaust shop to cut the y pipe and custom fit a true dual catback system. All that will cost ~300-350.
  5. I see. Like what GreenBioch said, don't buy a Y-Pipe to dual exhaust conversion kit. Get the Y-pipe cut after the cats and get a muffler shop to hook you up with some mandrel bent pipes. You could order exhaust tips off the net if you want some nice shiny chrome ones. Just don't use a y-pipe to dual exhaust kit.
  6. Awesome, thanks guys. after the first of the year this is what i plan on doing.
  7. Ok, I plan on doing the same thing to my 97 v6. So since we already have a Y pipe, all I have to do is buy the crome tips, and have a muffler shop do the rest of the work?

    What will this sound like after it is done? I know it won't sound like a GT or anything close to it, but I just want a deep sound...

    Will this work? :shrug:
  8. the muffler shop should have chrome tips, but if your specific about what brand you want, get them from the net. :) You'll get a better sound out of it with the right mufflers.
  9. There was a site that had H-pipes for V6's that allowed us to use cat-backs made for GT's but i forgot it.
  10. Yea I've seen that in an old mustang magazine. If I find it I will post it up
  11. If you want loud and drony, get flowmaster 40 series.

    Borla sound good on V8's I think, but they sound kinda ricey I think on a 6. But they give you top notch performance.

    magnaflow, mac, spintech, dynomax are some others. I have the magnaflows took both mufflers and two chromed magnaflow tips to the exhaust shop. I told them to hack the y pipe and run the pipes straight back to the mufflers then straight out the back of the car. If you do this with any of these mufflers you will get a nice deep sound at Idle all the way up to about 2000 to 3000 rpms. then our cars start to sound a little higher pitched than an 8. All that for ~300 bucks.

    Good luck!

    PS You don't really need an H or X pipe(crossover tubing) because our cars have an even firing order. these mid pipes sre used to balance the exhaust pulse on an uneven firing car such as a GT. Although they may help get you a few more HP at the top of the RPM range, but for what you pay for them it isn't really worth it.
  12. Heres a link to a site that has a custom h-pipe that allows us v6 to fit gt take-off exhaust,I figure we'd also be able to put on n e thing a gt could put on with this h-pipe. http://www.v6mustangstuff.com/Exhaust.html
  13. Yes we can, and if you want the GT exhaust then I think you do need the H pipe, I was just stating the fact that it really isn't necessary for our cars.

  14. Ok, when you say the Flowmasters are loud and drony, you mean ricey sounding? And as far as our cars sounding a lil higher pitched than an 8 after 3000 rpms, you mean the deepness of the exhaust starts to go away?
  15. No flowmaster don't sound ricey, just inside the car you gonna have this annoying drone. it is a deep and loud sounding muffler, it is the classic mustang sound with flows.

    and yes the deepness of the exhaust gets a bit higher pitched after 3000 rpms.
    our exhausts I find sound the best cruising around 2000rpms. you could ALMOST be mistaken for an 8, which I have, around 2000rpms, opnce it starts to go higher in the rpm range you can tell its a six.
  16. flowmasters is the way to go... my friend has it on a v6 and it sounds pretty good...real deap at cruisin speed
  17. ok, then tell me exactly what to buy. What are the exact parts you put on your car GreenBioch?
  18. I went and bought 2 Magnaflow Mufflers, 2 Magnaflow Exhaust tips. Total this cost me $120 Canadian a piece for mufflers, and $40 Canadian a piece for tips. So grand total for parts = ~$320(remember this is Cdn Dollars though). I took both mufflers and tips to an exhaust shop and asked them to run my exhaust straight back(true duals). They charged me $120 for labour and extra parts, such as piping, flanges, etc. Grand total was around $440 Canadian which works out to about ~$300US dollars give or take.
  19. GreenBioch, this is my last question, I promise. But where'd you order your tips and mufflers from?
  20. I phoned around to some stores in the city I live in to find magnaflows. I ended up getting them from a store called Kal Tire, which is a dealer of magnaflow parts. You just have to do some phoning around to find the brand of mufflers you want. Even try muffler shops to see what brands of mufflers they carry.

    Good Luck! :nice: