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  1. So this is probably my 400th post on my exhaust, and probably my 403rd post overall on stangnet, or so it seems. But the exhaust has been nothing but a PITA ever since i got it. Now that its on.....the drivers side tailpipe rubs on the frame and control arm and the passenger side rubs the brake line lightly. The passenger side should be easy to work with as there seems to be plenty of wiggle room over there. But the drivers side is another story. Its like the talipipe wasnt even supposed to fit in a mustang. It looks like the only way to really be able to fix the rubbing problem would be to find a muffler hanger that is longer than the stock one ...that looks like it would allow the tailpipe to clear the control arm and free up more room to move it from the frame. But now that i've pulled the tailpipe out once to try adjust it, it wont fit back into th emuffler properly because the muffler tube is sort of crimped so the clamp doesnt even grab the tailpipe now. It has popped out 2x now and just lays on the axle, forcing me to have to pull over somewhere and crawl under and force it back into the muffler. Has anyone else ever had problems like this with their exhaust? And are there any places that have muffler hangers that would be longer than a stock hanger (about .5" longer) or any other ideas on how to fix this problem. What sucks even worse is i take off for Alaska on friday for 11 days so summertime is running short. Thanks for any help you can give me......any help short of returning the exhaust or putting the stock back on that is.

  2. My exhaust rubs my driveshaft sometimes. That will be fixed tommorrow hopefully.
  3. bring it to a muff shop they can mod or make new hangers for you.
  4. Exactly.. They can also weld the muffler so that it doesn't come off. Muffler shops are very reasonable for adjustments like this. It sounds like it would be worth it for you.
  5. I agree take it to a shop... or just take the tailpipes off and run it like dumps.