exhaust ???

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by lewisms25, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. just resently bought a new exhaust setup and wanted to know your opinions. pypes longtubes, shorty h-pipe and sss terminator axle back. just wanting to know what i will be expecting from the setup. my dad said it would be to loud but i told him he was just getting old.
  2. Sound is subjective, if you like how it sounds and can live with the noise then enjoy!

    The neighbors will definately hear you coming and going:nice:
  3. Hey, have fun! You're young and we all go through that stage....My first stang ('88 5.0) had straight off-road pipes(illegal) with a pair of flowmasters...LOUD and some serious drone @ 2800rpm. My '02 had magnaflows...boring. Now I have Corsa cat-back on my '05 and they are sweet. Loud in the morning but after warming up they sound like stock....BUT when you hit it hard, that smile is back on my face...just loud enough with NO drone.