Exhaust Exhaust?

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  1. Hey guys (first post). I've had my 07 v6 for about 15months so far. What is a good exhaust to put on my car? Dual or stay at a single exhaust? (yes i know for the duals i have to either get a new bumper or cut it out). Just looking for suggestions.
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    I would say go duals - yes, the bumper cover is a pain to deal with - but your rewards will be double - finding a V-8 Bumper should be pretty easy - 'pop' your gas tank door off and take that with you when you drop off the bumper cover at a Body Shop for color match - (maybe even 'prep' it beforehand to save some $ - I don't know your skill set w/Body work) and install it yourself - that would keep your cost down - as for type and sound of exhaust to go with - you'll get a 100 different opinions here - but my personal choice is the "old school" hot rod sound - no raspy X pipe - (sounds like a ricer to me) but to each his own - I have a V-8 - I went with BBK shorties / O/R H Pipe and welded in cherry bombs (Like 40's Flowmasters) - I get a "killer' sound and I didn't spend any big bucks -
  3. You may be able to find an OEM GT take-off exhaust, for cheap, and just install that. If not, a few companies sell dual-conversion exhaust kits.

    The "noise" from the exhaust is such a subjective topic, that it's hard to recommend what exhaust to install. I would be cautious about installing a too free-flowing exhaust on a V6, as you my lose some back pressure and torque. You also, honestly, may have some difficulty getting the "V8" sound from the V6 but some extra noise is never a bad thing:D