1. What up guys and gals, so recently I had magnaflow xpipe put on my car. Sounded great and felt great , felt the difference actually even though it was minimal. Since my car is a little low I have scraped the bottom a few times , not too bad. There is a hissing/spitting air sound coming from right in between the two catalytic converters. Doesnt start right away, but will after a few minutes. Could any one tell me if it is normal or if I might have cracked something and would it sound like that. I put my hand in that general area and I can feel air blowing out right there. This is just after is fixed an exhaust leak as well.
  2. Not normal. You might want to get under the car and take a peek and check for a leak.
  3. Ya I gotta an appointment this Saturday with my mechanic. I think my xpipe is banging the frame as well!
  4. do you still have the line from the smog pump to the cats? If it was rigged up with some heater hose or something like that, it likely burnt off and theres your leak
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  5. Ok figured it out guys. The slight banging was actually my catalytic converter. A magnaflow joint. Under warranty getting it replaced today. One cat went out and there was a leak right in that same area. Does this affect gas mileage and performance at all?
  6. Yes, a bad cat will impact both. I'm confused though. You have a catted X pipe?
  7. [​IMG]
    Yes sir Magnaflow made one with the four cats just like the stock but only its an xpipe.
  8. Makes a difference too!