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  1. Hi guys, I am in the market for a new exhaust something different. I'm going to retire my american thunder kit. It's been with me for 20 years. My mods are A trick flow top end kit, rebuilt block, h pipe, shorties, I'm looking for something to really set off the stage 1 cam. Everybody has flowmasters in my area so I kinda wanna be different. I saw some flowtech mufflers, Mac, I read loud mouths are just too loud? I really never hears them. To be honest I never hear any others than flowmaster in person. I spent about 5 hours on youtube as well.
  2. I put magnaflows on my DD Bonneville. It has a V8 and the magna's sound off the hook. Should have done it when the car was new. Nice rumble at idle, but flat out gets it at WOT.
  3. Kinda interesting