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  1. Not a mustang but my winter car! I have a 1993 Automatic Ford probe, not V6. The car just stopped running and has no spark. I was thinking that the distributor module may have gone bad like in the mustangs? Any ideas?
  2. ooops,
    Im not an expert :notnice:
  3. The coil could have **** the bed
  4. I'll try the coil first. I dont know squat about probes! Oh well, a reason to learn! I could take a test light and probe the wire at the coil and if it lights, the module is fine and the coil is bad, if not, the module is bad and the coil is good!
  5. Do you have an inductive timing light? IF you do, just put the inductive pickup around the coil wire and pull the trigger with the engine on. It should stay solid pretty much.
  6. I dont have a timming light? :shrug: A test light should work to test and see if the computer is sending spark to the coil though? A coil for that car is 63 dollars!
  7. I would hate to tell ya but the distributors go bye bye in the probes all the time.. I had one at work during the summer, customer came in and had a concern with the car not starting and sometimes dying.. well i went on a road test and after if heated up the car just dies while i was driving, what fun that was, had to get the car towed back to the dealer.. The distributors are big bucks in these cars.. Can you crank the car over but get no spark?? if so thats exactally what happend to me with that customers car.. no spark replace the distributor and it was fine.. good luck :flag:
  8. Thats exactly what happened! The car would dye and not start up till it cooled down. This went on for a little which resulted in it dying and not getting spark again now. I work for ford so that helps! Big bucks?

  9. Thats your problem.. As for price from the factory these things I believe go for over $1,200 new.. You would be better off going to a junk yard to see if you can get one for cheaper..
  10. Hows the timing belt???
    Girlfriend had one of those heep's and I had to replace one of those.
  11. I think the timming belt is fine, just no spark. cant you just replace the distributor module? I see that on for 100 dollars?
  12. ford has a new distributor for 500, my cost 360 or an aftermarket vendor for 199. I just want to make sure that this is the problem? Any ideads?
  13. oh yeah, and napa is 170 for a small rotot cam one and 349 for a big rotor cam! How the heck do you tell the difference? Its a 93 ford probe, automatic transmission
  14. i know zip about probes, but i had a similar problem with my old 351W i had, replaced the distributor, the coil, the thought to check the timing chain, turned out the chain was fine, but the bolt that goes into the end of the cam over to the left side that holds it in was sheared off, so the gear wasnt turning, so no timing chain turn or distributor turn.
  15. We could take the cap off of the dictributor and if it's turning when the key is turned, the timming chain is fine?
  16. Crankshaft is prolly bent. Do yourself a favor and get rid of that heap. Isnt that a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a ford oval on it? These things tend to blow more engines than any other car these days. Try pulling the dist. cap and turn the engine over, make sure the rotor is still turning. Put the cap back on and pull the coil wire off the top of the dist cap and see if there is fire going into the dist from the coil. If so, and its not coming back out, going to the plugs, there is a good chance the dist is done. If so drop a 5.0 in it. Good luck. :D
  17. hahhaha you guys are funny :lol: Im trying to sell this car! I have an 86 accord that i drive for winter now!
  18. well heck man why bother? drive that pooper off a cliff!!.....j/k...but i'd get rid of it at the least. I'd actually go out on a limb and say that your '86 Accord will outlast that probe 2 times over. I had an '87 Accord with 320k on it with a cracked head, bought it for 500, put 20k on it, sold it for of my best investments ever.
  19. bought the accord for 300 and put 100 in it, tuning it up and its good to go! Probes aint that bad are they? I may have it sold for 1900!
  20. Well when i had that car over the summer, we could only get a distributor.. They didn't show the module seperate in the parts department (but who knows our parts department sucks anyway so maybe you could) I would go the cheap route.. As long as it fixes it and you can get $1,900 from someone I say go for it