Engine Explorer 5.0 Swap Into 94/95 Gt Or Cobra


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Sep 6, 2016
Hi, new member here from Kansas City.

I fix and flip boats and cars for some side income, and I have a 1998 Explorer 5.0 that's not selling. So I happened to think of a cool project idea for myself. By an non-op 94/95 Mustang and swap the 5.0 into it.

What will I need to make the swap work? What are good mods to do while the engine is out? I want a T5, will the 5.0 Engine work even though it's an automatic? Does it have a compatible bellhousing? I plan on rebuilding the 5.0 while it's out, what are some good ways to make power in a car that will probably be a daily driver? My mechanical experience is rebuilding marine motors, mostly SBC and BBC, so this will be my first Ford project.

Basically, take me to school on Mustang 5.0 swaps.
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This is a big reason why I pulled it out
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Feb 18, 2001
What year explorer? The early ones have the provision for EGR. Not a big deal but about the only difference.

Other than that, you'd basically need a 5.0 engine from the 94/95GT as a parts engine as you'll need to swap the accessories, distributor, and use the wiring from that car. The intake manifold can work, but you'll need to do some mods for it to work on the SN95 car


Basically you are going to drop the explorer long block in, and then use the Sn95 5.0 engine parts to "dress" it. The explorer intake can then be installed as shown above.

You will need different headers designed for the GT-40P heads.

I'd change the camshaft while it's out. TFS1 is a popular option for an off the shelf cam'

I'd also replace the valve springs

Pretty popular swap, so you should find plenty of info.


Dec 23, 2002
Ogden, UT
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Will that cam work with the small valve spring the gt40p has? I bought some gt40p for 70 dollars (i pulled them from the yards) every place ive read says that my stock cam is too much for the stock valve springs found on the gt40ps.