Explorer 8.8 In A '66?

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  1. I have a '66 project car. The previous owner decided to do a v-8 swap, without swaping out the rear end. I was wondering if it would be possible to fit an explorer 8.8 into my '66, without having major problems.

    EDIT: Also what would I be able to use for the front end?
  2. So, the car has the stock 8 inch rear end? What are your performance goals? A stock Ford 8 inch should be cheap and easy locally, check Craigslist....No cutting, easy in. Also a great time to do the bushings for the rear leaf springs, and to get the springs re-arched..
  3. Look at your post title and then go up above the gray line (several posts above yours) and read the one titled:

    Rearend Swap info - FAQ

    It will answer most any question you may have about rear end swaps, including the Explorer 8.8.
    For the front, you'll need control arms (I think upper and lower) all steering linkage ,spindles, springs, hubs and rotors/drums. This is a perfect time to put on disc brakes as you need the spindles hubs and rotors anyway. Let us know the budget you have in mind and we'll do our best to help you. Shouldn't be too pricey, but don't skimp in this area, as it is much better and a better value to do it RIGHT once than it is to do it half a$$ed and then still end up having to pay to do it right later.
  4. The car has 4 lug all around. Ive searched craigslist a lot and there are no 8" around my area (I live in the midwest)
  5. I don't know, but couldn't you just swap the 4 lug rear axles, for a 5 lug? Or is there actually a lighter duty rear end that Ford used for 6 cyl cars?
  6. ford used a 7 1/4" integral carrier rear end in the six cylinder cars. they are light duty and cannot handle the power of a V8. and you cant just upgrade to 5 lug axles either, as i know of no one that makes such an animal, unless you specifically order them, and then they will cost a pretty penny.

    as to the OP, yes you can swap an 8.8 rear into an early mustang, it has been done before. there are a few things you need to do though;

    1: relocate the leaf spring pads on the axle

    2: possibly narrow the axle itself or install very deep backspaced wheels.
  7. "ford used a 7 1/4" integral carrier rear end in the six cylinder cars. they are light duty and cannot handle the power of a V8"....
    Hmmmm. I didn't know that. I can get an 8 inch Ford rear end for mustang/cougar around Colorado Springs everyday for around two hundred bucks on Craigslist.....
  8. I put an explorer 8.8 in my car. Axle is 2" too wide, and the diff is offset 4". I cut off the ends and swapped them side to side after removing 2" from one end welded them back on and called Moser for a new set of axles. It is not quick or simple, but it is a great axle, and I have a whole lot less in it than a 9". 31 spline, 3" axle tubes and big bearing ends, disc brakes already on it and a good selection of diffs and gears. What's not to like?
  9. one of the easier swaps i did...96 explorer rear in my 66.. cut the old perches off..placed rear on leafs centered it under car..measured ...put new perches on and welded them in..at stock pinion angle

    used the rear flange from the explorer shaft on a custom alum driveshaft..though u could prob cut your stocker down..and use the explorer flange with a 3030/3010 u joint

    the offset carrier was no biggie..i used 96-2004 mustang wheels which had the perfect offset for the rear..

    my car is lowered..the u joint hit the tunnel..i clearanced it with a BFHammer..solved and doesnt look bad..

    for about $200 I have an 8.8 rear nearly as strong as a built 9 inch that would have cost over two grand..it has five lug, disc brakes,31 spline axles, 373 gears and trac lok....best mod on the planet


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