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  1. So I'm finally around to sharing some of my Explorer intake, GT 40 head build. Ya I know. I'm just playing. It's on the cheap but mostly for fun. I figured someone would like to look at it anyhow. I have lots of progress and pics along the way. I'll post stuff as I can. So it started with an intake I bought on Ebay. Intake.JPG
    I cleaned it up and removed some unused vacuum ports, drilled and tapped the needed bosses for my application. Intake 1.JPG Intake 4.JPG Intake 5.JPG Intake 6.JPG Intake 7.JPG
    Minor port work on the opening to make it measure 70 mm to make me feel better. It was close anyhow. Intake 8.JPG
    Can you say powder coated?
    Intake 9.JPG Intake 10.JPG Intake 11.JPG
    That's all for today. I'll post more later.
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  2. Good stuff. Looking forward to completing a swap like this later this fall.
  3. very nice looking pieces
  4. Thanks guys. After some sleep and a day of working I remembered where the rest of the pics were.
    Intake 13.JPG

    Found out the previous owner had removed the top plate with a drill. :shrug: So I had to use my handy left handed drill bit on one and my EZ out on the other.
    Intake 12.JPG
    Another shot of the throttle body opening. Yes I measured it. 68.86 or something. And I made it BIGger. My throttle body is 70 mm. Would it matter? Probably not a bit. But I can sleep better.
    Intake 14.JPG
    Intake 15.JPG
    I chose to remove the pressed in tube at one end underneath and drill/tap it for a plug. I don't need this one.
    Intake 16.JPG
    You can also see in the background that I cut the long one that comes out the front off with a cut off wheel. I won't need it right now for anything and it is long and ugly. I'll cap that one.
  5. Had time to do some assembly. Cleaned injectors (Explorer 4 hole) and installed new service kits with filters, seals, etc. Note the SN 95 fuel rail. Intake fuel.JPG
    And I got a call from the machine shop....
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  6. What did the machine shop do to the heads?
  7. I had them milled .030, valve job, cooked, installed my spring kit and set installed height. Needed guides and 1 valve.
  8. Looks like a good project.
  9. I cant wait to get around to doing a top end kit on my Ranger. I had a lot of fun doing that on my '95, and feeling how differently the car felt afterword. That powder coating turned out great as well, they look new.
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  10. had pretty much the same thing done to mine. cant wait to see how it runs!
  11. Looks nice! Makes me not want to get rid of my GT40/Exploder intake. P.S. I think you should have sent the lower to TMOSS.
  12. I talked to Tom via email and he told me I didn't need to port it with my combo. I would have liked to have it ported prior to powder coat but he is right. It will flow fine for this combo. I think this combo will be here a while.
    Painted heads.JPG
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