Explorer install update and pics...

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  1. TB mounted and CAI elbow...

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  2. CAI...This is a temp set-up to move it around...it would suffice those...needs some paint for sure....10.00 for all the pcs..

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  3. overall shot....makes that side much cleaner and access to the VCs will be sweet...no more removing the upper... :nice: couple CAI connections and its a clear shot...

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  4. IAT sensor in the PCV....5/8 Speed-Bit works the balls...just drill it and the sensor will thread right in...

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  5. Looks good man. When you make the final CAI, try to find some of those smooth Fernco rubber bends.
  6. This is the only issue i ran into using an Explorer TB....looking at the previous pic on page 4, it shows the throttle cable ball on the Left side.....this is specific to the 96 Ex TB I guess??? Anyway, this had to be cut and moved 180 degrees for the throttle to work...A Fox TB would NOT need this, only the Explorer has to be cut and re-weld....

    Also had to elongate the holes in the throttle bracket for some adjustment....

    I had to make a trip to a salvage yard and get the IAC plug for sensor....A Fox IAC plug will fit the SN95 plug as is...The Explorer will not fit a SN95 plug...Go figure..A minor set-back

    To make the swap easier...stick with a FOX TB, the linkage will be correct and the IAT plug will fit the SN95 plug.......I ASSUMED the Fox/Explorer TBs were the same....NOT...

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  7. FastmanGT...ya, this was just to get it running....I was going to go metal, but i don't want the heat from it....got all winter to figure something out....the metal def looks better tho... :shrug:

    I need to take it out for a hoot and then its all coming off again....Intakes going out to be painted and I'm swapping in 24s while its apart....Im looking for a Tweecer so as not to send the MAF out for re-calibration...
    Hopefully the money will be there....I want some 18" Saleen Replicas and a new hood before Spring....Can't have it all though... :(
  8. Closer shot of moving the throttle connection....hacksawwed the bracket off, repositioned 180 deg away, tack welded, connected and ran it thru the motions..all was smooth...tig welded it up...

    As a side note...a Fox TB will have the connector for the cruise cable, the linkage has a triangular set-up, throttle on one side, cruise on the other....5.0 Resto sells the Fox cruise cable for 39.00... Whether or not that cable can direct swap the SN95 and be used to have the cruise back is ???? Dont know if anyones tried that yet.??? The Explorer in the pic would have to having something "fabbed in" to make the cruise connect....

    Thats my story on a Fox set-up... :D

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  9. Awesome Andy! I got this post bookmarked now. Great info!

  10. Thanks ....figured the pics would be handy....

    Edit.....Started it up tonite and WOW...thing was taching like 3k..W.T.F....

    I removed and checked every freakin thing, linkage bind, TPS, IAC, IAT, MAF, checked for a massive leak, nothing..I even busted a screw taking the TPS off....Come on..W.T.F.. :nonono:

    Long story short...check the position of the IAC in the above pic..notice how i have it "plug up", towards the intake....Thats wrong....that was my high idle problem...Twas on backwards... :bang:
    When i got the TB the IAC was off...I liked it "plug up"...wouldn't have to dub with it if the VCs came off...So much for that....It must go "PLUG DOWN"
    Swapped it over and,ya baby, it come right back to normal idle...
    sounded pretty snappy...I almost took it out for a thrashing....Damn salt covered roads.. :(
  11. WHOA andy i've been reading this thread, and my explorer intake comes with some extra vac lines...i have no clue what to do with them. BTW how did you remove the casting marks, i need to get some dremel bits but i dunno which to get?

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  12. :eek: :eek: another thread that survived the 05 Stangnet crash :D
  13. I used assorted dremel sanding bits, as well as a tungsten/carbide bit to do the porting on my typhoon. Those will work fine for removing the casting numbers. I followed up with some mother's polishing compound for the internal work. The excess vacuum lines can be plugged with plugs available at any auto parts store.
  14. what were the dyno numbers with the explorer intake?
  15. matt, thats the same explorer intake i have. its a non egr version. just ask and i tell you how i did my vacum lines.

    i dont know about dyno numbers, but just the explorer intake and some iron gt40 heads :D ive got 1 sec improvement and 9 mph bettter than before.

    im guessing i put down 220 to the tires
  16. RIo...could you please help me out, my ques, is in my post above!
  17. you need to learn how to read.

    like i said up there^^^^^^^^
    He had a different version of the intake that us. ours is a NON EGR VERSION with different vacum ports, lines, w/e(as you can tell in the pics). i could tell you exactly how mine is routed if you hit me up on aim (or if i knew how to edit in photoshop or something).
  18. In that case what years will have the EGR...

    Or do you just buy an EGR spacer?

    I need to stay emissions compliant (or at least look the part)...

  19. The 96-early 97 intakes had the internal EGR passages, even though the Explorer used an external EGR system with that intake. You can tell which one you have by removing the upper and looking for the EGR round passage hole in the middle of the intake or pull off the TB and look for the EGR rectangular passage just below the round TB opening. Once you have one of these EGR Explorer intakes, you just use a stock style EGR spacer like the stock setup. I had to stay emissions compliant too.

    The extra vacuum lines are just press-fit into the intake, so you can pull them out and drill/tap them for plugs which is what I did. I even went so far as to drill/tap and install the stock vacuum tree from my stock upper intake into the Explorer upper.
  20. thanks tmoss