Explorer Intake With Tall Valve Covers Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BKM48198, May 10, 2014.

  1. Without adding in a spacer is there a way to fit tall valve covers under an Explorer intake? I know I can take out one fitting and put a pipe plug in it but on the back of the intake there is a vac tube that sticks down, can it be removed and plugged and will the tall valve covers clear then? I don't want to remove it and find out it still won't fit, I'm hoping someone else has already tried and can give me some advice, Thanks.
  2. Even if you relocate the vacuum fittings I don't think you will have enough room. The plenum dips real close to the factory covers. I don't see taller ones making the cut.
  3. The other issue is the throttle body side. The throttle body linkage and ball drop pretty low and will interfere with tall valve covers.
  4. I haven't taken the TB off the car yet and wasn't even thinking about that side having clearance issues, I might have to just keep my old stock covers for now.
  5. You'll need at least a 3/8" spacer.
  6. Will a 3/8 spacer give me enough clearance and still fit under a stock hood? Any other modifications needed to the intake for clearance?
  7. I know a 3/8" spacer works with a Cobra intake under the stock hood.

    Not sure about the exploder intake though
  8. That's great info for me thnx:nice:
  9. Thanks, I'll cut a piece of wood that is 3/8in. and see if that gives enough room for the valve covers, I would really like to use the polished valve covers if possible. I might try a 1/2 in wood spacer too. I have the motor just about ready to go, should be able to get it all together tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I wanted to work on it today but had to pull the bed off my Ranger to install a new fuel pump, not the vehicle I want to be spending money on now.