Explorer Supercharger Install

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  1. I'm thinking of installing the Explorer X-Charer on my stock 2005 stang. Has anyone had experience with this Eaton supercharger system? What are the pro's and con's of such an install?
  2. There really is no reason to go with a kit that will require additional modifications when the Procharger comes complete and designed for your specific application..

    Eaton is not the only game in town.

  3. several members here including afixer have xchargers. search his posts for more information.
  4. I have one and installed it myself... what info are you lookinfg for?

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  5. Specifically, how hard was the install, any special tools needed, how was the performance gain, did you mpg suffer dramatically, can a shock tower strut still be installed and clear the blower?
  6. Install took about 6 hours, was not difficult and uses basic hand tools. You can download the instruction manual as a pdf and take a look at what's involved. The performance gain suits me, if your a track junkie there are other systems making more HP and torque. The m90 has a bypass valve so it's easy to stay out of boost while driving. My mileage is just about the same as before I installed the supercharger if I keep my foot out of it. ... but what fun is that.
    Explorer express is coming out with a strut brace this month that will clear the blower.
  7. Do you have any track times GrayPony? Maybe I can sweet talk my wife into getting one ;)
  8. yep its a good system. we did a group install at my house a whilw back 3 units in 8 hours
  9. Theres a 06 V6 around here with the procharger system. He was one of the lucky few who got it free because procharger used his car as a test car. It makes about 320RWHP - 320RWTQ and it flys.

    I met him when I was driving around with my friend and he pulls up next to me, my friends like just race him its a 4.0 so I said ok, and before I could even drop down to a lower gear he downshifts and takes off, at first we thought it was a turbo because it sounded like one but once we got him to pull over it was the Procharger.

    Needless to say I never raced him, if I did I would probably lose by a car lenghth. We filmed a 5.0 (clutch, 4.10s, full exhaust, short throw) and the 5.0 lost by a car and a half or so.
  10. So whats the Best S/C set up for a daily driver?

    And how will it stand up to a stock GT?
  11. i eat stock or slightly modded gt's at irwindale all the time.