Exterior body parts for 1978 mustang II COUPE

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  1. It looks like the dark black piece is the sheetmetal that surrounds the radiator. I don't think you have a front valance.

  2. Nope, No Valance. The place you bought your spoiler has them as well. Call em back and tell em you need the valance that goes with your spoiler.
  3. I called mustangsunlimited.com where i bought the spoiler and they dont carry valances. guess i will look in the used car parts section.
    thanks guys
  4. If you look closely at the white coupe in the thread, you'll see that they have hung the front spoiler without a valance. Appears to have some sort of rod coming off the bumper rebar to support it out in the middle.
  5. yeah i see that now, maybe its so they canget those foglights in there . i am hunting for a valance. hope they dont weight/cost too much to ship :(
  6. Cool. Too much stuff on such a tiny car looks cluttered, though. If he lost the rear wing and side scoops, filled in the side marker lights and added MUCH wider wheels and tires, the car would look perfect.
    My coupe is also slated to receive that same Shelby fiberglass front apron, I love that thing.

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  7. Something like this; (my lame photo editing skills aside)


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  8. add those scoops and rear spoiler back on! :)
  9. Fi you want to photo chop a bit, try just putting a different set of rims on the original pic.
    I think those rims just don't suit that car.
  10. what rims do you like? i have 4 star 13 inch chrome crugers (spelling) on now buit i hate 13 inch so i wanna sell them. I am thinking of using my 16 inch 5 star american racing I used to use on my 93 stang
  11. Some 10" wide Weld convoluted (Pro-stars, I think they're called?) would look killer.