Extreme Parking??

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  1. IMAG0586.jpg Is this too much??!!! :rlaugh:
  2. Nope... That's the right strategy, except when able you should take 2 spots, because some pricks will still park right next to you. Nice job picking the passenger-side curb spot, though. That is also my strategy.
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  4. yeah, enjoy it while it lasts. Like FastDriver said.. Some chump is going to park right up next to you.
    Happens to me all the time..:mad:
  5. He got me!!! ..[email protected]
  6. I can top that.

    I ever tell my story of diving for the rolling shopping cart after i bought my 2003GT and had it less than a week? This was before that VW commercial showing the guy doing the same thing
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  7. I too park by the curb way in the back.
  8. I do the same but I prefer to not park quite as far away from witnesses in case someone feels like vandalizing me. When I see guys parked way back in the middle of nowhere at the mall, they're just asking to get broke in or keyed or have something thrown at their car from another car and nobody would be around to witness it.
  9. It's never far enough away, as far as the lot go's..that's where I park my truck. Mustang is never left anywhere but car shows and I can't even stand doing that!
  10. don't ever take up 2 spots. That is an invitation to get keyed.
  11. Agreed.


    I park where ever I want to. Getting door dings is part of life.

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  12. **** it, my car is a 50 footer at best. sometimes I'm glad its wavy as a potato chip.
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  13. Me and a few other car guys park in the auxiliary parking lot at work that is used to store our extra semi trailers. You literally have to cross a field to get to the REAL employee parking lot, lol.

    Rule #1 about parking a nice car: don't cross lines. Makes you look like an asshat and invites people to do obnoxious things to your car. Politely parking far away from other drivers and staying between the lines ensures that nobody will mess with you.
  14. agreed when i drive my dually i park a minimum of 10 spaces away park with wheels between the lines and against a planter or something else i can just park all the way against.
  15. i remember one time i parked next to a blue a cobra r clone, and when i came back there was a big lugi on my driver window, and they urinated on my door. some people....
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  16. Nope..... NOT doing this is why my car is F'ed up now!
  17. One day, the right opportunity will arise where I catch someone doing this to my or someone else's car. That person will pay for every time something has happened when I wasn't around to observe it.

    "You're the son of a **** I've been waiting for."
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  18. Also, as a general rule, I intentionally leave my car unlocked. I typically do not leave expensive stuff in the car, and I would rather someone simply take what they want than break my window and then take what they want. If someone breaks my window even after I left it unlocked... well, then they are a real *******! :D
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  19. Same here, I drive a convertible and I'd rather them just open my door than slash my top...

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  20. X3. locking a convertible is pointless. All you are doing is telling the thief to rip your top before taking whatever is inside the car that they intended to steal in the first place.