Extreme Parking??

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  1. I had a buddy get his Jeep Wrangler broken into once. They cut the top to get in. Really? They could've just unzipped it or opened the fucgin door
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    I have a 20 and a 30 footer
  3. yousteallikeanasshole.com :nice:
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  4. I keep the Windows off my wrangler just for that reason.
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  5. so last night went to go watch playoff baseball and i pulled into the upfront corner spot and tires right next to the curb. Had a seat where i could easily see it and grandpaw older yahoo guy, pulls in and completely has his front wheels turned away from my car. I'm thinking great, old guy is gonna hop in and forget his wheels are turned and he's gonna start backing out and Boom run into my side. I about had an aneurysm :confused: waiting for the conclusion to that, .....but all is well, He backed out slowly fml :rolleyes:
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  6. You are not alone brother. I dont cross lines, but I certainly park away from people.

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  7. Supervisor at work got a 45th anniversary and took up two spots right in the front row. Nope! I stayed in the lines but my buddy got a little too close. I love mustangs but if you park like a jackass you bring it on yourself.

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  8. ^^^^^^rotfl!!!!
  9. I guess I'm the only one that does it, then. However, I only do that when there are a million othe spots free, and I'm all the way in the back. So far none of my cars has been keyed. I would never do it in a busy lot or somewhere that would be convenient for someone else. I guess I'm a dick... :shrug: