Extremely Low Fuel Mileage Issue

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  1. While I do agree on your thoughts for a OBDII scanner more equipped than the pocket one I have, and I do intend to get one down the road. I am more interested at this moment at doing a full hands on tune-up and then go from there in acheiving better MPG. Since the taking off and cleaning the EVAP parts, for some reason the car responds betterat a dead still take-off. That to me seems a little weird being the EVAP would be the least of the areas to make that happen I would think. Or it is my imagination at work, which at my age could be. But it does feel more responsive. And yes wmburns, I do not go about my mechanical business by just throwing parts on a car to see if it fixes the issue. I like to do my homework first. Doing it the other way gets kinda expensive.

    On that note, I have noticed about 25 MPG more on the tank. I have made 2 fill ups since I fixed the EVAP issue, and still no CEL's. I went yesterday and bought NGK Iridium plugs. Today I took them back and after much reading and write-ups on this very topic of which plug is better, there seems to be much debate going both ways on OEM Motorcraft and NGK Iridiums. But in the end, I took the NGK's back for a refund this morning, and went to Ford parts dept and bought a set of Motorcraft Platinums (OEM) as I do tend to beleive since I am running a stock set-up, why change what Ford intended for this application. I also got a Ford OEM fuel filter while I was there.

    So today I am going to change out the plugs as soon as the car cools down, and change out the fuel filter. I added some Lucas fuel and injector cleaner also this morning. Before I install the plugs though, I am going to make sure they are gapped correctly too.
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  2. Well changed out the spark plugs today, and of course I tore 3 boots in the process. So I went back to the eat my wallet store and bought 8 new COP boots, put them on and purrrs like a kitten again. I will do the fuel filter tomorrow. Got to get my senior nap on. Running past that time now.
  3. Well changed out the fuel filter this morning. Just got back from the VA hospital because of that filter. I was using the sliders that go over the fuel line to release the fuel line internal clips and one of the lines came off with alittle work, but the inlet line just would not come off, about ruined my slider doing so. Finally after about 30 minutes with f*cking with it it came off. But I was not prepared for it to come off at that moment because of all the struggling to get it off. When it did, it spewed fuel all over my face, in my mouth, and in my left ear. Now I have no problem with fuel in mouth or on my face, but when that fuel went into my ear, boy I tell you what. It burned beyond comprehension. It was liek a hammer was hitting me in the side of the face. So I tried rinsing it out myself, but to no avail. So I went to the VA emergency clinic and they took care of it. Much better now, but still dealing with the ear ache from hell.

    By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday that when I replaced teh spark plugs, the first one I took out was the first inline on the D/S. When it came out I noticed oil on the threads and around the collar. I was that is nice, and that can not be good. I took my led drop light and shined it down the tunnel and saw what looked to be burnt oil residue on the outer side of the tunnel where the plug seats. I looked throughly at the tip of the plug, adn no burnt oil on the tip or around the electrolyte. The tip loked like the rest where it had normal burn look to them. I do beleive these are the original plugs. So I am assuming that the oil in that tunnel was overspill or something that was just sitting down in there, perhaps someone took the COP off, or spilt oil on the area of that plug and did not get down into the tunnel to clean it up. I will though in about 100 miles or so recheck that plug and pull it to see if I see that again, hopefully not.
  4. Well a little over 400 miles and no CEL's. Boy I can not be happier. Now awaiting my mew Hurst shifter to come in.