"eyelids for a fox"

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  1. I first heard about this on another thread and thought it was the gayest thing ever. You probably will too. But then i saw a pic and I'm kind of open to the idea. Tell me what you guys think.

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  2. looks pissed off.
  3. Here's another one I just chopped.


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  4. I think there are 1,000+ things you could better spend money on before investing in that mongaloidal garbage. If you like that kind of styling, buy a '94+ eclipse.
  5. honestly the fox is a great looking car... i really dont think theres much some little stickers can do to enhance it at al

  6. :stupid:

  7. :notnice:
  8. Looks mean. But I wouldnt do it.
  9. As I posted in the other thread, it would look great, right along with your undercar neons, aluminum race wing and 20-inch wheels.

    Good gawd.
  10. Nice attempt, but leave it here
    I imagine it would look good on a full kit car
  11. Makes the car look like a mid 90s bonneville.
  12. nah!!!!!!!1
  13. eh, looks mean but ricer like at the same time. I think they're technically called "eyebrows" by the import crowd.
  14. Bonneville, exactly. I do like the missing bar across the opening, is this hard to do?
  15. I think they call those big banners that covers half the windsheild the eyebrow. But what would I know about imports?:shrug:
    I always hated the oval on the front of the GT because it looks like a nose.
  16. Agreed. People are constantly adding more and more stuff to foxes trying to improve the looks not realizing the sickest looking fox is one with a bone stock body and nice wheels.
  17. +1, but I have to say, if the slant of the "eyelid" matched the lines of the car any better, it would look decent. But if its just a sticker, boooo. It should be a totally different shaped headlight and a bumper/hood to make it legit.

    But what do I know? I own a 4-eye, and I already think that the 4-eyes look meaner than Areo's. :cool:
  18. ++1

    Those pics make me laugh for some reason, I guess because it doesn’t go with the design theme of the car. The fox mainly consist of squares, triangles, rectangles, rhombuses, and some quadrilateral shapes. Now you high schoolers out there can impress your geometry teacher. It seems like one day the Ford designers went walking on the wild side and threw in some round fog lights! That always made me wonder? I'm glad they did it because it works somehow.