"eyelids for a fox"

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  2. i think that looks sick. if someone will start producing those i would definately buy
  3. Looks good in a PS...but what happens when you walk up to a Fox in the parking lot with stickers covering half the headlights.

    What looks good in pics doesn't always look good in person
  4. How do they do that? Is it the hood and headlight modified or is it a sticker? I wonder how that would look on one piece headlights? I think it looks mean.
  5. I like it. You could probably do a plastic thing, but it'd probably look like a Neon. If you did a custom hood and headlight assembly then it'd be wicked.
  6. This has been in the VW scene for some time now, they refer to it as a "Boser Hood"
    This is by no means a few stickers or snap on eylids, but a hood that has been fabricated to cover a portion of the head/marker lights.

    I have mixed emotions on doing this to a fox.


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  7. Well, thats good then you could switch back and forth if you have another hood. I wonder who sells this hood. I'd like to have a regular hood and a boser. I like it and it would look good with one piece headlights.
  8. I remember that from a long time ago, thats an old kit made by Sanja performance.

    I just had a thread a few days ago on the car that the kit mimicked. HERE
  9. On some cars it looks cool...there's a grill for the Merkurs just like that and it looks badass, but i can't say i like it much on a Mustang. For some reason i've always related it to Euro cars and i just don't see a Mustang as being Euro in any way. I would expect a car that has this done to also have Euro tail lights and an LED light up shifter knob.
  10. i like the look but it would only look good if the hood was fabbed to cover the lights like that. It would definitely require some light modifications which would be really hard to do without making them look like crap.
  11. lol, i had this idea three years ago.


  12. It doesnt look terrible.... I don't really understand how you would want to do it though, other than to just be different... It looks good without them too it just seems like a waste of cash to me....:shrug:
  13. just unique i guess..
  14. Yeah its a part of the Euro scene...cant say im a fan of the look. Only front end change I would ever see doing would be to add a 93 Cobra grill. To each his own though.
  15. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: .... Its what it seems like though for real.
  16. Doesn't look bad per se, but the foxes are known for their rectangular lights so I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe some new lenses and clear corners on mine:p
  17. That's a good chop but you didn't chop the reflection in the water:nice: And I personally think it looks like a ss.
  18. Yeah, my girlfriend pointed that out too. She thought it was pretty funny.