F$#&*@ Lee County Traffic! (Rant)

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    I hate Lee County Florida! I used to love it here.Looked forward to just getting out and going for a ride in the Stang.This was from '97 to '04.After the middle of '04 everything just went downhill.On allmost every side street in Lehigh Acres there is construction.It's all house's going up.Everywhere you look they are building or tearing some land up.It's disgusting! They've invited a traffic nightmare that just keeps getting worse by the month.SR82 is no walk on the beach...that's for sure.Going to work kills my foot having a 5 spd trans.I have never seen traffic this bad in my entire life.Not even up in Michigan.And the dump trucks....cripes man there are so many of them on the road now.I hear these things at 3 in the morning.Crap wakes me up. :bs:

    What drugs are these people on? You would think they would have some common sence to widen the roads.Damm...I have tried every alternative route to and from work and it's all the same.The way people drive here is a freakshow! Traffic is allready backed up so bad that when there are accidents (Which there seem to be allmost everyday now) traffic gets backed for miles.Lee County has road extention plans..but get this,they aren't even going to get started on 90% of badly needed extensions/widenings untill 2011 even though they are aware traffic has increased 250% in the last 2 years.I swear this place is going to be gridlocked well before any major hurricane is on the map heading towards Fl.

    I don't sit there in my car and **** about it..i've done that and yeah...it gets you nowhere.I just turn some music up.But I do know other people in the area have increased their bad tendacies (spelling).Just the other day on my way home from work sitting 6 cars back from a stoplight...I noticed there was an accident or at least some debris was in the road.Traffic was allready horribly backed up.So I wasn't there for long after noticing traffic in 2 of the lanes hadn't moved but 4 cars in the past 3 minutes.Some lame ass rear-ends me at about 5 mph.And I was just sitting there like the rest of the gang.Wanting to move a bit...I did and then got out to check what happend.This ass then takes off like nothing happend..weaving through the lanes...cutting straight through the left turn lane.And no...I couldn't catch the plate #.Really P'd me off.Luckily it was just a couple of scuff marks on the bumper.People here have become too damned aggressive and rude.

    This is just another rant.Man....I'm the nice person around and lately I just been getting so steamed up.Been more often the past year......And to think I used to be very calm. :bang:
  2. All of Florida is getting like this. Some places faster than others. I'm a native and although it seems like a stupid view, I really hate seeing so many people from up north moving down here. We had a really nice state, but now the towns are getting overcrowded, and the rural parts of the state are getting developed. Basically Florida is getting ruined because a lot of greedy developers.
    My friend was also telling me that he read a poll on the most popular places to move. As a state Florida was #3, but the only city in Florida that made the top 15 was Orlando. WTF?!! Does everyone up north think living in Orlando is like living at Disney(which isn't even IN Orlando) or something? I'm in Orlando for school, and four years ago, I could get to school in 10 minutes and find a parking space. Now it takes me 20 minutes to get to school and another 20 to find a parking space.
  3. 24 min to get to work.Least it used to be untill last year.Now it takes me over an hour & 10 minutes.Waste so much gas just sitting there blowin fumes and breathing them.$45 a week for gas.And that's just for work time and minor pit stops.What a waste.

    I was in Orlando 5 years ago...oh wait..it was Altamonte Springs off I-4 on Altamonte Dr. and it seemed crowded then.Couldn't imagine now......weeeeee
  4. Welcome to America :canada: ... it's happening almost everywhere. You have Mexicans coming from the south and New Englanders coming from the north. It'll only get worse.
  5. One of those groups nearly always carries valid auto liability insurance, one of those groups often does not.....can you guess which is which?
  6. But that group is also the one that can afford overpriced, low quality cookie cutter homes that are invading Florida's woodlands.
    Frankly, I feel that Florida can do without either group.:D
  7. New Englanders and most people from the northeast have money and are buying real estate everywhere. That's why there is so much construction going on in Florida. The northeast is a $hithole with high taxes and a very high cost of living. The south is much cheaper.
  8. Ignore this. I was digging up old threads and ranting again. Florida sucks ass

    Kinda hard to ignore when its at the top of the page now .. wheres SN's delete option :D
  9. Don't hate on the mexicans! They do awesome landscaping on my yard and the inside of my house is spotless! Not to mention they replaced my roof in one day. I actually had a group of them tear down my old fence and build me a new one for 4 cases of beer.
  10. Don't look at me. That was someone else. :p I got a name for those certain types of spanish people who are here illegally, but I cannot say it here. Florida is full of illegals. Hell, in the past 10 years I have seen a dramatic difference in the amount of spanish people I see in the stores... even on the road. It went from seeing a few every other day, to now.. seeing them by the dozens all day every day. And the funny thing is, you ever notice with about half of them, you see them in huge groups all congregated together? Why is this? That is suspicious and only makes me think they are illegals. I never hate on Mexicans.. or any other nationality, race or ethnic group. I know you were referring to that other guy that brought it up, but since you said something....well....

    And since someone replied, might as well finish what I said.

    Florida is still a $hithole. Traffic hasn't gotten much better. Well, the roads are not nearly as jammed as they were back in 06-08, but there is still a mess on the roads. It seems there is an accident allmost every day on the same exact road out in Fort Myers. Happens in either the early morning hours or during mid afternoon. There are only 2 routes to take to get out into FM, and both are still a mess. One , they are building a Red Sox stadium (on Daniels Pkwy) , same road with all the accidents. And without even improving the road itself, which is already a nightmare. Prepare for gridlock. The other (Colonial Blvd) , they have been working on it for a long time.. still are and will be for a very long time thereafter widening it. So either way, it's jammed no matter which way you go. It's funny they waited till the roads became so jammed up before they even started thinking about the improvements. That's Florida for you. Always 5 steps behind the rest of the USA. When it comes to decisions, these numbnuts can't make up their minds on nothing. They are 3 times worse than DC that things will be dragged on for years before anyone figures anything out.

    And to make matters worse, I'm living in unemployment capitol. Tell me, how many people out there spend over a year looking for work and drawing UE? I'd sure love to move out of this hellhole and go someolace where jobs CAN be found.... besides medical and exec jobs.. sheesh