'f' My Life, I Need A Door Panel For '95

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  1. So the dog managed to lock himself in the mustang all damn day and he destroyed the drivers side door panel. So far not much luck on the web.

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  2. If you can't find one anywhere else then Mustang Parts Specialists will have one. Usually the don't have anywhere near everything on their website, so call. Unless you are looking for a manual shifter bezel. Those fly out of there as soon as they come in.

  3. Sorry about the door but....

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You just gotta put up a pic of the dog wearing a sign that says, "Ate my dad's car" and post it on that site.



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  4. Thanks man I'll give em a holler
  5. [​IMG]
    Sure could use a smoke after eating all that door.
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  6. How the **** did he get into your car in the first place? You'd think if you could teach your do how to open a door from the outside, you should be able to teach him how to open one from the inside as well?
  7. There's no NEED to get out when there are two perfectly good door panels to eat. :shrug:
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  8. That's what I am wondering also. Good explanation would be nice, because at the moment the OP is seeming like some not so nice words. Can't say them because last time I was banned.
  9. Title should state, "Dog destroyed door panel after owner locks dog in car". It's a little more believable since odds are your dog can't open doors to get in all on his/her own.
  10. He grabs the outside handle w his mouth and gets in.

    MPS doesn't have any and someplace called Prestige Mustang parts or something or another wanted $200 for one
  11. Oh but he can and does. Once I left it locked and there are now teeth marks on the outside handle. But thanks for the support Mr. Bag
  12. Do you not see the video of the dog opening the car door that I posted (just as you described)? Since this is a known issue with your dog you should keep your doors locked so it doesn't happen again like when it's really hot out and your car turns into a Crock Pot for your dog. I love dogs but they're just like children, you have to protect them from themselves sometimes even if it means going out of the way to do so.

    Thanks for the name calling, real mature.
  13. Nah I didn't watch and honestly I didnt even read all of your response to the name calling. My bad bout the mr bag. Thinking about my door makes me sick... Interior was next on the agenda but replacing a door panel wasn't on the list. Oh and also you were being jerkish with your whole I'm sure he locked em in there blah blah blah
  14. Put hot sauce on the door handles. :D
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  15. I had a blonde lab/something... she was 110lbs and just a beautiful 'carolina dog... thought she was a lap dog, lol

    She would eat the plastic deck furniture and chew it like taffy

    One day I came from work and she was walking the yard with 4' piece of shadow box fence in her mouth.. never left the yard tho.... she woulda ate the whole car.

    In college one of my friends trained his spaniel to open the fridge door and bring him a beer, Every dam time, he was a great bartender that dog!
  16. They are where i paid all that money for a blown up 4 cylinder. Not gonna be your best price for anything from them.
  17. Wait, what?
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  18. Ha! crap, I just read your recent post on that. I found one guy who said he had a "good" one for $50 but it didn't have the carpet on the bottom. Wonder how the carpets on there and if I could swap mine over or is it a permanent part of the panel? I'll have to look.