F or B cam for my explorer motor

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  1. The B303 and TF1 cam eevnt timing specs are almost identical. There is literally a maximum of a 2 degree difference in timing events. The TF1 has more lift but otherwise I don't think it's any better or worse than the B303 yet everyone says it's way better. :shrug: They are, based on specs, esentially the same camshaft.

    Am I mising soemthing? B303 = TF1 based on specs.
  2. No one else in this thread has claimed that they probably know more than anyone else...............except you. This is the attitude people speak of. You asked for help and people offered opinions and reasons why they felt that way and you tried to belittle them and seemed to summarily dismiss the very help you asked for. I can't respect that. You certainly don't have an open mind to suggestions.
  3. I have had experience with all 3 cams, TFS 1, F303, and B303. I don’t know your definition of building a car, but my friends and I did a H/C/I swap on my car, did the same on a 94 cobra that was running the f303 cam, and we pulled the motor out of an LT1 Formula Firebird lifting the body and sliding the engine and tranny out then swapped the H/C for a custom cam and heads. Both the guys running the 303 cams liked mine better. The cobra’ heads were all worked over also, 5 angle valve job, bowl blending, milled and ported and he was running the F303 cam. I actually suggested his combo. Last time I checked stangnet was about knowledge and helping people, not thinking you know everything. I don’t know everything but I have experience with the FMS cams and the supposed “CRAPPY” TFS cam and also some general knowledge. Maybe you should start your own forums and name them stang2841 KNOWS EVERYTHING. All you have to say when someone suggest something else is I don’t think that is the direction I want to go, you don’t have to act like your 8 and try to get into fights with everyone who has posted with a different opinion than yours. Good luck with everything and I mean that! Post something when you get your car together, I want to know how it runs. ~Nick
  4. okay then I'm raising the white flag... next time I wont think/argue outloud with cam situations..

    but I'll stick by the b303 and the TFS1 not being the same cam excluding the more lift :p

    nor did I say that the TFS is not a good cam.. just not for this particular setup..

    I guess the way I say things that I do not believe are right come off wrong.. and reading back this time it did.. but I hope to some degree that you understand why I do not think the TFS1 is good for my particular combo and my reasoning behind so.
  5. All is fine man, so did you already buy the custom cam? When do you think you will have the car running with the new parts?
  6. nosmatt I know you know your stuff so could you answer a question of mine please?.. How does the nx264 cam compare to the tfs cam everyone says I made a mistake with the nx264. Here are the specs. Thanks

    Grind Number FW NX264HR-14


    Intake Exhaust
    Valve Adjustment 0 0
    Gross Valve Lift 0.512 0.512
    Duration At 0.006 Tappet Lift 264 276


    Valve Timing At 0.006
    Open Close
    Intake 22 62
    Exhaust 76 20


    These Specs Are For The Cam Installed At 110 Intake CL
    Intake Exhaust
    Duration At 0.05 212 218
    Lobe Lift 0.32 0.32
    Lobe Separation 114

  7. before the new year hopefully... not trying to rush this one.. the car currently has no motor in it

    I got the gt40p motor on the engine stand and I'm gona be doing the cam/springs/rockers/timing chain

    probably yank off the heads get them cleaned up and milled a good amount..

    remove intake and mill that to mate the heads.. port the lower myself and open it up to accept a 75mm TB

    probably gona have to flycut the pistons while in the block... thats real fun :notnice:

    gona throw on the 1 3/4 MAC longtube w/3inch collectors and install those/change plugs while its really easy.. have my local shop fab me up a 3inch X pipe and probably just run some cheapy 3inch bullet mufflers..

    still got to sell the stock motor .. then got to get rid of shorties, o/r H and two 2chamber flowmasters..

    oh yeah... pushrods are gona need to be done too.. budget build pretty much went out the window... here we go again :bang:

    I got alot of work ahead of me but I want this car to be deep 12's off the juice.. I'm pulling for 110mph+ traps N/A and 125+ on the squeeze ... probably gona have to use race gas for that though with the compression I'll be running :crazy:
  8. Sounds like you have some work ahead of you, i am glad i have all my stuff done basically... except porting my intake. Well good luck with everything, that will be awesome if you hit 110+ with you trap speeds!
  9. what are you doing at the track?
  10. Nick, are you buying a new lower intake for TMoss to port or sending the one car on you car?
    And to stang2841, all of us here really do want you to succeed, that's why we want to give you more information than you asked for as we never think of everything on our own, and we never have experience with all the combination and parts. As a lot of other people have said, good luck with your build up and combo.
  11. I just got the combo up and running in mid July and then i went to school in August. I haven't taken it to the track yet, i wanted to get everything broke in before i beat on it at the track. I also had some problems getting everything back together and i didn't want to have to tear everything back apart if i did break something, i just wanted to drive it for awhile.:nice:
  12. I think i will just send mine so i don't have to buy a new one and mine has the sensor already in the runner so i don't have to worry about relocating it.:) Is that what you would do?
  13. :nice: sure is Nick!

  14. :lol: :Word:

    stang2841, I was 16 and driving when you were born. Forgive me for saying your arguements are now worth even less to me. I'm sure you think you know everything. Everyone did when they were 16. But you will be further ahead in all things in life if you start listening to more experienced people.
  15. this thread is pretty much dead...

    my cars and reputation in my area speak for itself..

    get over it.
  16. yea man... your just a jerky stupidhead....ha..:SNSign:
  17. They hold up on my built 466 and i have taken it to 6000+ rpms regularly, so i don't think they are junk. Maybe you just have had bad experiences.
  18. They're totally different rockers for a big block. While it's possible I got a bad batch, having the pedestal mount crack and potentally cause a rocker arm misalignment or complete failure has soured me to any rocker arm set up that uses the powdered metal stands. I don't have an issue with the rockers, it's the crappy powdered metal stands that are junk. Any set of rockers that use it will NEVER be used in any engine I ever build again. I'd use Crane again as long as it doesn't have those junk powedered metal stands.
  19. I am NO cam guru, or anyhting even close.
    for the combo that was listed, and the two, or three cams suggested, i gave my honest opinion.

    yours, with an nx 264, i would say it should idle and drive great. power may be a bit on the short side seeing how you are using a small poRt, very restricted head. ALBEIT A wide POWERBAND...
    I would say this cam, along with some 190-200cc intake port heads on a small displacement motor would be insane, with excellent drivability, and add about 10 lbs of boost, it would be schweet.

    but, for what you have now, the tfs 1 would actually perform better. IMHO

    imma have to look at the cam specs closer on that 264, seems the intake opens real early, im kinda cornfused on that.