f/s 2005+ GT H&K Lowering springs

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by ae_07mustang, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. a never used set of H&K lowering springs will sell for $200 plu shipping

    will take trades for 07 gt after market stuff. PM with offers
    .any questions feel free to ask
    PM me or call 850-461-9717 and ask for Andy
  2. 2005 Ford Ranger Lowering Kit

    I bought the 2 inch 2005 ford ranger lowering kit from hillbank about a month ago. It finally got here yesterday. I didn't feel like doing it myself and I don't have a lot of mechanical knowledge so my dad took the kit to a shop to get a price. The guy at the shop said that it's about a 6 hour job and they charge 50-75 an hour. Does 6 hours sound right??? I don't want to spend almost 500 bucks to have this kit installed, I'd almost rather try doing it myself...
    My dad also seems to think that it is illegal to modify suspensions in NH, but I see lifted and lowered stuff all the time so that can't be true. Does anyone know about suspension laws?
  3. yeah

    no idea about your laws in NH but no 500 is not right for install of these. i have a install for 250 here just to cheap to spend the money to do it
  4. my cash guy said he'd do it for $150.......
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