F/S Brand new! Mustang Steve 5 speed conversion with power brakes!

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Jul 27, 2005
I bought this off of eBay in March of this year and its only been out of the box once. I have decided to change the direction I am going and no longer need this kit. I paid $499 plus shipping for this. I am willing to let this go for $480 shipped to your door. Thats a $50 savings over what I paid. This is really a great deal.

"This kit contains the following parts, completely ready to bolt into your 64-1/2 - 66 Mustang and GO!

ALL NEW FABRICATED Pedal Support , designed with steel firewall brace for power brake booster pattern
Brake Pedal, modified for revised pedal ratio for power brakes (revised ratio means less travel for same actuation)
Clutch Pedal, ALL NEW, including new shaft, designed with cable quadrant and ballbearing shaft
Rebuilt FORD power brake booster (Master cylinder NOT INCLUDED
Billet adjustable firewall brace and cable stop
Adjustable clutch cable
Parts are painted black, ready to install

Design Features include:

CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION Solid steel quadrant construction, precision machined for the cable, and has positive cable retention on the rear of the quadrant. NO MOVING PARTS to wear out on this cable system. The machined billet aluminum firewall brace/cable stop is designed to utilize the contoured area of the firewall as well as the double thickness steel area of the cowl flange to gain additional strength for a zero flex installation. The brace features 3/4" of cable adjustment available by simply opening the hood of your classic Mustang. Clutch can be adjusted by hand! The cable is the same design cable that Fords uses on 87-93 5.0 Mustangs, with a 3" adjustable section at the bottom, as well as the upper adjustment. That will make it easier to obtain a replacement cable if you should ever wear this one out. Installation of this setup requires two 5/16" holes in the cowl flange (see picture) and a 1/2" hole for the cable to pass through the firewall. On some cars, the floor of the cowl must be raised slightly (about 1/4", the instructions show how) to clear the quadrant under the dashboard. This small modification to the cowl floor can be done by bending the cowl floor with a hammer and is not visible from anywhere on the car. That is a small price to pay to have the absolute strongest cable clutch setup available anywhere!

POWER BRAKE CONVERSION Power brake setup has a modified pedal ratio like a modern car so you have less distance to push on the pedal to achieve the same result (EASY STOPPING). Unlike the original 65-66 power brake boosters, this kit allows you to fit almost any master cylinder you want on the car. Dual piston master cylinders fit with 2" clearance between the master cylinder and the shock tower. Clears 351W engine and Heddmann headers as well! SSBC master cylinders with 1" depth actuation hole fit the booster.

BALL BEARING CLUTCH PEDAL SHAFT Makes for zero play in the pedal bearings and a noticeable reduction in pedal effort during clutch activation. (diaphragm type clutch/pressure plate recommended)

ALL OF THAT plus BRAND NEW PURPOSE-BUILT pedals in one neat package, pre-engineered and ready to install"

For complete pictures, you can check MustangSteves website. I'm really not trying to cause problems by using his exact wording, I just can't say it better myself. This is QUALITY in every sense of the word!!! :nice:

You can email me at [email protected] or shoot me a PM.

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