F/S: Complete built 4.6 2V Engine, Transmission and more

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  1. I am selling my engine, transmission, fuel system, and supercharger equipment. It is currently located in Chesapeake VA. I would like to sell it local but I can arrange shipping at buyers cost if necessary.

    The engine is a 4.6 fully built .020" overbore iron block using the following hardware: Manley H-Beam rods, ARP 2000 Rod bolts, Forged Cobra 8 bolt crank, Diamond 5cc pistons, Total Seal Rings, and ARP Head Studs and other fasteners. The bearings are Federal Mogul. The oil pan is a Canton 8 quart pan with windage tray. The engine was assembled less than 3000 miles ago, the work was done at Dallas Mustang. Although I have previously run a Paxton Novi 2000, this rebuild (specifically these rings) has not had a blower on it. The front accessories are the GI Joe 8 Rib kit, which was intended to support the blower.

    The cylinder heads are SVO Castings and have received Porting by Jim at Fox Lake racing. Intake flow is 257 CFM at .600, and exhaust is 196 at .600 CFM. Also installed are bronze valve guides with VITON seals, and bronze valve seats, the springs are Comp Cams 26125. Ron at Fox Lake Racing has told me that this setup is capable of going past 7500 RPM. The Cams are Comp XE270AH, and will make power up to about 6600 RPM.

    The Intake Manifold is the Dual Bore SVO Ford Racing Manifold which is similar to the 2V Bullit. It was specifically designed for the SVO Heads and I have had the Upper Plenum modified to accept a ACCUFAB 117mm Elliptical Cobra Throttle Body.

    The engine was assembled less than 3000 miles ago. Naturally Aspirated, the engine turned 313RWHP (atmosphere corrected using SAE) right after assembly on a chasis dynojet with only 26 degrees of timing, these heads normally like about 38-40. It should be no problem to hit 330 RWHP with a decent tune, since it has made more than that before. Although I have previously run a Paxton Novi 2000, this rebuild (specifically these rings) has not had a blower on it.

    The Transmission is a D&D Viper spec T-56 that is capable of >700 ft-lbf. The top gear is a 0.50 gear. Gears 1-4 are similar to the T-45. You can install 4.10's and still be at only 2100 in top gear at 70 MPH. Input shaft is 26 spline and the Clutch is a Spec Stage 3+. The shifter is a Steeda Triax. The transmission was added with the rebuild so it has about 3000 miles on it.

    The fuel system is the MMR sumped tank system that uses two in line pumps in parallel. The system can support 900RWHP forced aspiration, or 1100 Naturally aspirated. The kit includes the lines to the tank and the MMR Hi Flow fuel rails which feed 60# injectors. The sump tank allows full acceleration even with fuel below 1/4 of a tank.

    I also have a Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger and AIR-to-AIR Intercooler kit. This kit is designed for either SVO, Bullit, Cobra, or Mach 1, but can fit a regular GT with a GT style discharge tube from Paxton. The kit is complete, but the supercharger is disassembled and in need of a rebuild. This is the reason it was not re-installed following the engine rebuild.

    I also have a Vortech Air-to-Water Max Cool intercooler kit that includes the intercooler, water pump, heat exchanger and water tank. It is also made for SVO/Bullit/Cobra/Mach 1, but can fit a GT using silicone tubing. This intercooler was previously used with the Paxton blower.

    Currently the engine and transmission are bolted together and basically complete, which means no assembly cost for the buyer. I would like to sell the transmission and engine as one unit, however I am willing to part out separately.

    I will PM pics and answer questions on request, I may take a day or two to reply, but I will respond. Serious Inquiries only. I will only accept cash or a Certified Bank Draft; I will not accept Pay Pal, credit card, or other means of online payment.
  2. Price? Trades? I have I full p1sc set up
  3. $1000 for the AIR-to-WATER intercooler, $1500 for the AIR-to-AIR kit (includes the head unit), If I sell the Tranny separately, $2500. $1000 for the fuel system. I would rather not part out the engine, I can offer it at a price that would save someone a lot of money over building it themselves, or paying a shop to assemble one of comparable performance and components. Sorry, but no trades as I am out of the game for the foreseeable future.
  4. How much for motor with out supercharger,tranny and fuel system
  5. I have about 11K in the parts and labor on the motor, but I will settle for $5K
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